Yarra Waste Revolution in Abbotsford

The Yarra Waste Revolution has come to Abbotsford. These pages answer the questions you might have about what’s changing and why.

We’re going to be using what we’ve got (our waste), to create what we need (the possibilities are endless!). It’s called the circular economy.

If you have trouble understanding how to sort your waste, or need instructions in a different language, please contact us at 9205 5555 or email us at revolution@yarracity.vic.gov.au.

We have a map below showing the trial area.

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Map of the trial area



News about the Yarra Waste Revolution

Delayed bin delivery for apartments

Making the most of your food waste bin

Meet Louis, a Yarra revolutionary

Meet Anna, a Yarra revolutionary

Your first thoughts

Trial results after two months

What goes where in the Yarra Waste Revolution

Glass mini bins are here

Following your glass

Trial results after three months

6 points for throwing a low waste Grand Final party

Revolutionaries, let’s tackle plastic waste!


Download our handy posters

We have a series of posters summarising what can and cannot go into each of your recycling and waste bins in the trial area.

Feel free to download, print and put them up at home, near your bins or wherever you find useful. 

We also have posters you can display showing your support for the Yarra Waste Revolution. We have one poster in yellow and another poster that can be coloured in.