Cleaning and maintenance

On a regular basis, we clean and maintain roads, streets, footpaths, laneways, street bins, local parks and reserves and other public spaces.

Need to report a hazard?

Please call us immediately at 9205 5555 if you see something that poses a danger to the public or damage to property.

You can help us maintain Yarra's cleanliness by requesting a cleaning service or reporting a maintenance issue below. 

How do I request a street cleaning service?

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How do I report a maintenance issue? 

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How do I report pollution and littering?

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Weed control in Yarra

We use several methods of weed control in Yarra depending on the location.


Weed control method

Why do we use this method?



Kerb and channel

Tree squares

Park garden beds

Park mulched tree beds

Glyphosate-based herbicide

In these large-scale locations, glyphosate-based herbicide is the most effective and efficient product available.


We spot-spray to minimise use and we find that most of Yarra’s invasive plants respond well to spot-spraying at the minimum concentration. We use this product sparingly and closely track our herbicide use. We have found that over the last 12-months we used 87% less glyphosate-based concentrate than the recommended label usage.


According to available information, there is very little run-off from glyphosate based herbicide and in most cases the product begins to break down and be absorbed by the soil immediately. Within a few days, the effects in soil become harmless to vegetation.


We do not spray on windy days.


Glyphosate-based herbicide is approved by The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. Alternative products require much higher concentrations to be effective and there is little scientific data available for alternative products.

Natural habitats

Specialised herbicides, including some limited use of glyphosate-based herbicide

In natural habitats we use specialised products, most of which are not glyphosate-based.


We use glyphosate-based herbicide only when there is not an effective or efficient alternative and to mitigate against the risk of losing significant biodiversity because of weeds.


Manual removal

We manually remove weeds in playgrounds. This is possible because of the relative small scale of these locations and is desirable because of the high levels of community activity.


Manual removal is not suitable for larger areas.



Childcare centres




Retail areas

Steam technology

In other areas of high community use and pedestrian activity, we use steam technology. The use of steam technology is being assessed as it requires diesel engines to generate the steam, which may have ongoing environmental implications.

Alternative weed control methods

We are actively reviewing weed management practices and regularly trial new approaches.

There are 3 trials currently underway testing the effectiveness of large-scale applications of non-herbicide weed control methods. Methods being trialled include:

  • Manual, mechanical removal using electric whipper snippers
  • Flame weeding
  • Steam technology

These trials end in December 2019, when we will report the results and recommendations to Council.

For more information about our weed control strategy, please email us at [email protected].