Cleaning and maintenance

On a regular basis, we clean and maintain roads, streets, footpaths, laneways, street bins, local parks and reserves and other public spaces.

You can help us maintain Yarra's cleanliness by requesting a cleaning service or reporting a maintenance issue below. 

How do I request a street cleaning service?

To request a cleaning service online, choose from the below: 

How do I report a maintenance issue? 

 To report a maintenance issue online, choose from the below: 

How do I report pollution and littering?

Report to the appropriate authority below:

Weed control in Yarra

We use several methods of weed control within Yarra, including:

  • Herbicide spray (Glyphosate based)
  • Steam technology
  • Manual removal 

Herbicide spray is used on roads, laneways and parks. We use steam technology in high traffic areas – such as retail strips, child care centres and schools, playgrounds, medical centres and hospitals. For playgrounds, picnic areas and community gardens, we remove weeds manually. 

We use Glyphosate sparingly and only where necessary to ensure effective weed control.  We find most of Yarra’s invasive plants respond to the minimum concentration. All herbicides used by Council and our contractors are approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, and all weed treatments are applied in strict accordance with the product label guidelines.

For more information about our weed control strategy, please email us at




For more information call us on 9205 5555 or email