Visiting Yarra

Wondering what to do in Yarra? We can help.

Take one of our heritage walks or visit one of our popular markets. Yarra is also home to some of Melbourne's most popular and well-known shopping strips, featuring everything from factory outlets to boutiques, fine dining and friendly pubs.

Most of Yarra's attractions are easily accessible by public transport or on foot. 

Yarra is also home to many community, cultural and social events which you can view on our events calendar. 

  • Heritage walks

    Discover the rich heritage in Yarra with one of our heritage walks. 

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  • Markets

    Several fascinating and unique markets complement Yarra's main shopping strips.

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  • Events

    Street festivals, panel discussions, art exhibitions and more.

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  • Recreation centres

    Yarra offers a great selection of leisure centres, pools and golf courses.

    Yarra Leisure
  • Libraries

    More than just a place to read books, Yarra libraries are community hubs with a stack of events and activities.

  • Parks and gardens

    Yarra is known for its beautiful outdoor spaces, many of them dog-friendly.

    Parks and gardens
  • Public Art

    Yarra is known for its rich and unique street and public art.

    Public art