Yarra has a rich history and is home to a large number of historical buildings and sites that are of interest and value to the community. We have a strong commitment to the protection and enhancement of Yarra's heritage.

Heritage can relate to a wide variety of places, including a building or a group of buildings, a site or an area, land or a landscape, a tree, garden or parkland, the place of a historical event, industrial sites, archaeological sites, as well as spiritual and religious places.

We admire Yarra's heritage for the stories they tell about our community.

View our 2019-2030 Heritage Strategy

Read our Thematic History of Yarra (an extract from the  City of Yarra Heritage Review Volume 1).

You can also contribute to Yarra's heritage through our website, PastPort Yarra. PastPort Yarra provides a platform for locals and visitors to share our rich local history.

  • Heritage overlays and gradings

    Find out if your property has a heritage overlay and what you need to do for planning permits. 

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  • Heritage studies

    These studies form the basis of our heritage protections in Yarra. 

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  • Heritage database and incorporated documents

    Find out information about the level of heritage significance of places in Yarra through Incorporated Documents or the Heritage Database.

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  • Heritage sites in Yarra and Victoria

    Discover Yarra's rich heritage and visit sites of significance. You can also explore Victoria's heritage and where to visit. 

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  • Heritage Victoria permit applications

    We are referred a number of Heritage Victoria permit applications. We provide copies of these applications for information purposes only.

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