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There are always plenty of things to see and do in Yarra.

From art galleries of all kinds, to parks, the Yarra River and the historic Abbotsford Convent, there is something for everyone. Yarra is also home to some of Melbourne's most popular and well-known shopping trips, featuring everything from factory outlets to boutiques, fine dining and friendly pubs. Most of Yarra's attractions are easily accessible by public transport or on foot. 

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  • A group of people posing using a bollywood dance move all wearing colourful outfits.

    Studio J Wellness

    Studio J Wellness is a program consisting of a Laughter class and a Bollywood dance class, held online every Wednesday.
    Both classes can be done standing up or sitting in a chair. The primary aim of these programs is to spark joy and promote mental health.
  • A pink and orange pattern with Co-Publishing logo in the middle

    Co Publishing Issue 02 WATER

    Lovingly designed by Rebecca McCauley, our second, printed issue features contributions by Jody Haines, Ellen van Neervan, Amaara Raheem, Chantelle Mitchell, Ender Başkan, COLLIDER, Izzy Brown, Craig McGrath and Timmah Ball. Edited by Co- founders Josephine Mead and Christine McFetridge. 
  • Six arists standing and sitting together in a warehouse space

    Forest Collective 2021 season

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    In 2021 Forest Collective presents In Focus – a series of four chamber music events that explore and interrogate different aspects of contemporary life.
  • Artwork by Sharyn Madder

    Alphington Neighbourhood Gallery

    Alphington Neighbourhood Gallery is the latest community art initiative from Alphington Community Centre. Accessible to all the team have created a street gallery on the fence of the centre. Each month a new artists’ work is featured.  September's featured artist is local illustrator Sharyn Madder.
  • Person holding a phone in their hand showing an app


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    Yalinguth means “yesterday” in the Woi Wurrung language, the new augmented app is designed to connect past accounts from our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, to provide today’s generation insight and context of this popular Melbourne meeting place.
  • Two elderly women enjoying an art class.

    Biodiversity Arts Team

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    The Biodiversity Arts Team (BATs) group is open to seniors 65+ and meets on Wednesdays at the Willowview Centre. The group is working together on a ceramic mural that represents Yarra's biodiversity through art. 
  • From left to right, image of Jennifer Down, Sophie Cunnigham and Tony Birch.

    Writers on Film

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    Melbourne Writers Festival proudly presents a specially commissioned short documentary series mapping the creative lives of three local authors: Jennifer Down, Sophie Cunningham and Tony Birch.
  • Designed by Sebastian Berto. Red and blue flame appearing shapes in the background, with the words "Art? In this climate?" over the top, with the live stream dates and times below.

    The Big Local Arts and Climate Expo

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    The Big Local Art and Climate Expo is a series of livestreams showcasing diverse local artists working in innovative ways to engage the public in climate action.
  • Garden chemicals on the ground

    Detox your home

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    Safely dispose of your unwanted toxic household chemicals for reuse and divert them from landfill. It's contactless and free!
  • Richmond Town Hall at night

    Council Meeting

    Council Meetings are public forums where Councillors come together to meet as a Council and make decisions about important, strategic and other matters.
  • Richmond Town Hall at night

    Council Meeting

    Council Meetings are public forums where Councillors come together to meet as a Council and make decisions about important, strategic and other matters.
  • Mess Music Workshops

    Mobile MESS

    Experience the magic of electronic sound creation in this fun hands-on workshop presented by Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio—MESS as part of Convent Kids at the Abbotsford Convent.