Smart technology and innovation

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, we are working to transition Yarra into a leading Smart City. 

Smart City Vision

Our Smart City vision is to support a digitally enabled community, by leveraging technology to build a culture of creativity, equity and agility.

This will also help advance opportunities for improved innovation, access to our services, and connections between staff, residents, business, students and visitors.

Yarra’s Smart City Approach

Yarra’s Smart City approach places people at the centre of everything we do.

It is focused around:

  1. Liveability: A city where technology prioritises people and improves place, space and culture
  2. Community: A strong, engaged and connected Yarra with a focus on digital equity
  3. Environment: Responsible use of resources informed by smart sensor data
  4. Council: A resilient organisation with efficient and effective delivery of services
  5. Economy: Smart infrastructure and intelligent operations to attract business and boost economies
  6. Sustainability: Technological urban solutions across assets, planning and places

What does Future Yarra look like?

Future Yarra is all about bringing people together through technology. We want to build a connected, informed and sustainable future for everyone.

Read more about our Smart City Vision (489KB, PDF).

Yarra CityLab

Yarra CityLab was launched in 2019 to help deliver council’s smart city vision.

We work in partnership to apply a smart city lens to urban challenges and make sure that Yarra can fully realise the benefits of smart city transformation.

Read more about Yarra CityLab (294KB, PDF)

Smart City Initiatives

We have already achieved a lot in our smart city journey. Select the links below to learn more about some of our key projects.

  • Smart benches

    Find out more about Yarra's three new Smart Benches.

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  • Yarra science play

    Yarra science play helps primary students build skills for their future.

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  • Yarra STEAM Labs

    Yarra STEAM Labs are a reimagining of our much-loved after-school programs for kids.

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  • Thinxtra

    Learn more about smart connectivity with a low power, low use network.

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  • Safe and liveable Victoria Street

    This project is all about helping people to engage with public spaces.

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