Smart technology and innovation

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, we are working to transition Yarra into a leading Smart City. 

Our smart city puts people at the centre of everything we do.

We are using technology and data to address real needs, inform good decision making and improve service delivery.

Read more about our Smart City Vision (489KB, PDF).

Yarra’s Smart City Approach

Our approach focuses on six areas to help build a resilient, connected and sustainable future: 

Engaged community, enhanced liveability, responsive environment, sustainable economy, resilient council, smart infrastrucutre

Read more about our Smart City Roadmap.

Setting the standard for smart cities

Yarra’s Smart City Approach is aligned to key industry and international standards including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To learn more about our valuable role in helping to achieve these goals, download our sustainable development goals infographic.

Smart City Initiatives

We have already achieved a lot in our smart city journey. Select the links below to learn more about some of our key projects.

  • Yarra CityLab

    We have set up Yarra's smart city office and innovation hub.

    Read more
  • Community Lighting Workshop

    We are exploring how lighting impacts perceptions of safety at night.

    Read more
  • Safe and Liveable Victoria Street

    We are using smart technology to reactivate public spaces.

    Read more
  • Yarra Smart Benches

    We are providing free WiFi and phone charging in our parks and open spaces.

    Read more
  • Smart Public Housing Project

    We are working to improve digital outcomes for our public housing communities.

    Read more
  • Yarra Smart Pole Project

    We are providing free WiFi and smart city services in our public spaces.

    Read more
  • Cremorne Digital Infrastructure Project

    We are helping to connect Cremorne with free WiFi and smart city services.

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  • Smart Movement Sensors

    We are using smart data to understand movement across our city.

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  • Yarra STEAM Labs

    We are reimagining our much-loved after-school program for kids.

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  • Yarra Science Play

    We are helping primary students build skills for their future.

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  • Thinxtra

    We are connecting our smart sensors with a low power, low use network.

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