Planning and development

Why do i need a planning permit

We need to engage in long term planning to adapt and develop the City of Yarra to meet changing demands.

We are responsible for applying planning, building and heritage controls through the permit process. We aim to ensure that development in the City of Yarra is suitable, safe, sensitive to the environment and preserves significant heritage areas.

As a part of our strategic planning process, we guide Yarra’s growth to ensure new developments occur in appropriate areas that blends in with the existing character of Yarra, and offers good outcomes for the community.

Our planning regulations are set out in the Yarra Planning Scheme. It ensures that Yarra's unique characteristics are maintained but also caters for an increase in population.

When do I need a planning permit

Generally, you need a planning permit when you are: changing the use of your property (eg. shop to office, café to retail) additions to residential properties commercial or industrial development applying for a liquor licence constructing or displaying signage waiver of car parking (associated with the increased floor space of commercial/industrial areas) demolition of a building (particularly within heritage overlay).

Two-thirds of Yarra is covered by a heritage overlay in which a planning permit is required for all works and demolition (including painting and fences).

The planning permit system helps manage the development of our city. It makes sure developments are suitable for its surroundings, considers possible environmental and heritage impacts

The following are the key stages in the planning permit application process.

What is the difference between planning and building permits?

The planning permit and building permit systems are very different and operate under separate legislation, although they are often related to each other.

A planning permit may be required for development, land use, advertising signs or removing trees depending on the requirements of the Yarra Planning Scheme.

A building permit will be required for most commercial, industrial and residential development including new buildings, alterations and additions to factories, warehouses, shops, dwellings, sheds and in some cases fences and retaining walls. Building permits can be obtained from our Municipal Building Surveyor or a private building surveyor.

Before construction or activity can start, a proposed development may require a planning permit, building permit or both.

Current major developments 

Permit number Property address Suburb Start date End date
PLN16/0923 205 - 211 Queens Parade and 6 - 12 Dummett Crescent Clifton Hill 16 June 2017 12 July 2017
PLN17/0040 700 - 718 Heidelberg Road Alphington 01 June 2017 03 July 2017
PLN17/0177 57 Balmain Street Cremorne 31 May 2017 30 June 2017
PLN17/0284 12 - 18 Albert Street Richmond 31 May 2017 30 June 2017
PLN16/1050 42 - 44 Oxford Street and 61 - 63 Cambridge Street and 16 Langridge Street Collingwood 10 May 2017 09 June 2017
PLN16/1155 312 - 314 Johnston Street Abbotsford 08 May 2017 08 June 2017
PLN17/0044 11 - 13 Pearson Street Cremorne 05 May 2017 05 June 2017
PLN16/1027 242 Bridge Road Richmond 21 April 2017 30 June 2017
PLN16/1070 5 - 9 Alexandra Parade Collingwood 13 April 2017 12 May 2017
PLN16/1188 329 Johnston Street 236 Nicholson Street and 37 Hunter Street Abbotsford 30 March 2017 01 May 2017
PLN16/1181 71 - 75 Argyle Street Fitzroy 17 March 2017 19 April 2017
PLN16/1150 71 - 93 Gipps Street Collingwood 24 February 2017 28 March 2017
PLN16/0845 23 - 33 Johnston Street Collingwood 09 February 2017 10 March 2017
PLN16/0925 59 - 77 Victoria Parade and 5 - 7 Brunswick Street and 20 - 32 Fitzroy Street Fitzroy 07 December 2016 06 January 2017
PLN16/0926 93 - 99 Victoria Parade Fitzroy 07 December 2016 06 January 2017
PLN15/1082 329 - 341 Victoria Parade Abbotsford
PLN16/0434 26 - 56 Queens Parade North Fitzroy
PLN16/0494 249 - 265 Queens Parade Clifton Hill
PLN16/0843 423 - 425 Smith Street Fitzroy