Yarra's Circular Economy Map

Wondering where you can shop for package free groceries, repair or borrow items?

This map shows the businesses and community initiatives in Yarra that are working to reduce waste and extend the use of resources. This helps minimise our impact on the planet.

How does the map work?

Click on a category icon and then use the subcategories to search for what you need. Or type any words relating to your search into the search bar at the top of the page.

We recommend opening this map in full-screen.

Adding a business or community initiative

Click the 'add your business button' in the bottom of the map and fill in your business details in our form. We will review your submission to see if it fits within the circular economy, and then add to the map.

To update your business listing in the map or to recommend another local business or community initiative, please email [email protected].

What is the Circular Economy?

A Circular Economy aims to keep materials in use at their highest value for as long as possible. This differs from the 'take-make-waste' of a linear economy.