Current works

Three council works in high-visibility vests doing infrastucture work 

Exciting new works are happening across Yarra

It’s a hive of activity in Yarra with hundreds of capital works projects on the go. These upgrades and maintenance works help to make Yarra a more connected, inclusive and sustainable place - now and into the future.

As our city grows and thrives, revitalising our beloved public spaces and modernising essential infrastructure is at the heart of what we deliver in Yarra.

Capital works map

Each financial year, Council allocates funds to upgrade our infrastructure, streets, parks and public spaces.

Click the links on our map to learn more and stay up-to-date with exciting planned works that are currently underway in your neighbourhood.

When viewing map points on a mobile device, please click on the heading on the bottom of the map to bring up its full details. You can also view the full-screen version of our Capital Works map.

The data is current as of Tuesday 14 May 2024. The data is updated every two months.

On the map our infrastructure projects are grouped into four key categories:

  • Buildings
  • Transport
  • Stormwater
  • Open Space

Our extensive capital works program, including our roads, footpaths, building and drainage systems focuses on maintenance, upgrades and renewing our infrastructure assets to:

  • Improve community safety and usability
  • Ensure longevity and reliability
  • Increase usability and efficiency
  • Address our community’s current and future needs

The delivery of our capital works projects ensure Yarra remains vibrant and liveable, while responding to the growth and population changes in our city.

To learn more about the infrastructure assets that are managed by Council, please read the Asset Plan 2022-2032 (PDF 1.8MB).

Please note: The program map will be updated every two months to reflect the latest project details available at the time. All capital works are subject to changes due to impacts from weather conditions, contractor availabilities and supply chains.