Business waste collection

We provide most local businesses with a weekly waste and recycling collection service.

This service is for domestic waste only (for example, rubbish and recycling from staff lunchrooms and bathrooms) and does not replace commercial waste collection services.

Can my business have bins?

We only provide a business waste and recycling service for the property that appears on your rates notice.

If your premises is not registered as a separately rated property you are not eligible for bins and you will need to contact us to discuss your circumstances.

What size bins can I have?

We issue 80 litre waste bins to eligible commercial properties. When you order a waste bin, you will also need to order at least one 120 litre recycling bin. We encourage responsible waste separation.

Currently, there are a number of businesses that have a waste bin larger than 80 litres. If your waste bin is damaged or stolen it will be replaced with an 80 litre garbage bin in accordance with our policy to encourage resource recovery and recycling.

The size of your recycling bin will be assessed on a case by case needs basis. Larger or additional recycling bins will be issued for suitable commercial properties.

How much does it cost?

The one-off waste bin fees is as follows:

Fee Recycling bin size Waste bin size
$189 120-litre 80-litre

When do my bins get collected?

Your business waste and recycling bins are collected weekly.

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email