Business waste collection

We provide most local commercial properties with a waste and recycling collection service. This is similar to the service we provide to Yarra residents.

This service does not replace commercial waste collection services and should not be used to dispose of waste generated from business activities.

What are the options for businesses? 

As a commercial property in Yarra, you are welcome to use our waste and recycling service, a private collection service, or both. If you choose to only use a private waste collection service, there will be no reduction to your rates. 

For commercial properties and businesses, our service is suitable for waste from staff kitchens and bathrooms. Our service is not designed for waste that is produced from commercial operations. Specialised private collection services are available, that better suit these types and volumes of waste. 

Who can use the Council rubbish and recycling service? 

We provide a waste and recycling service for the property that appears on your rates notice. 

A premise not registered as a separately rated property is not eligible for bins and you will need to share the existing bin service at your property. 

What bin sizes are available?

The standard allocation of bins includes:

  • 80-litre red-lid rubbish bin
  • 80-litre purple-lid glass bin
  • 120-litre yellow-lid recycling bin

 You can upgrade your glass and recycling bin to 240-litres if needed, free of charge. You can also request additional glass and recycling bins if the 240-litre bin does not meet your needs.  

Request a larger or smaller bin

How much does it cost?

If Yarra has not previously supplied bins to the address, there will be a set-up cost of $199.50 for the standard allocation of new bins. 

If you are already part of the Council service, there is no charge. 

When do my bins get collected? 

Commercial bins must be placed out for collection by 5am.

The day of your collection depends on your suburb. For more information, please check the bin collection page.


The business toolkit provides tips on assessing your waste, how to engage your staff, and how to dispose of your waste responsibly.

You can download posters that show what to put in each bin using images that are relevant for your workplace. 

If you would like us to send you a printed copy of these posters, please complete an online request.