About us

The City of Yarra is an inner metropolitan municipality which is home to a diverse community of approximately 100,000 people.

Yarra's 19.5 square kilometres includes the suburbs of:

  • Abbotsford
  • Burnley
  • Carlton North
  • Clifton Hill
  • Collingwood
  • Cremorne
  • Fitzroy
  • Fitzroy North
  • Princes Hill
  • Richmond
  • Parts of Alphington and Fairfield (south of Heidelberg Road)

Residents and businesses in Yarra are represented by 9 councillors.

The municipality is broken up into three geographic wards: Langridge Ward, Melba Ward and Nicholls Ward. Each ward is represented by 3 councillors.

Yarra City Council has a total capital and operating budget of $162.5 million, which is used to deliver a wide range of community services and maintain essential community infrastructure.