Our parking management strategy aims to accommodate the parking needs of residents, visitors, businesses and community in a way that is clear, open and fair.

Parking management strategy

We use our Parking Management Strategy to manage all aspects of parking in Yarra.

The fundamental aims of the strategy are to:

  • reduce the number of cars parking in Yarra
  • promote public transport as an alternative to driving
  • ensure visitors contribute to the cost of providing Yarra’s parking infrastructure

Parking guidelines

When allocating permits for on-street parking spaces we follow Parking Restriction Guidelines to make sure that decisions are fair and consistent. The guidelines help us to decide which parking restrictions to use in streets where parking is popular.

Cashless Parking Meters

City of Yarra will be installing smart meters in November 2022. These meters will accept payments by credit card, they will no longer accept coin or cash payments. 

You are still welcome to use the PayStay once the meters are upgraded.

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