Recycling and rubbish

If you live in Yarra or have a business in Yarra, you can have a weekly recycling and rubbish collection.

We encourage you to recycle as much as you can.

For things like mattresses, whitegoods, hot water services and furniture, you can book up to 2 hard waste collections each year.

Hard and green waste collections are not available for businesses.

Residents can book a free green waste collection as many times as needed through the year, or purchase a green waste bin and book collection of that bin when needed.

Yarra Waste Revolution in Abbotsford

Are you looking for more information about the Yarra Waste Revolution? The trial area includes approximately 1,300 households in Abbotsford who have a new way of sorting and treating their waste.

The trial is taking place in the area shown below. If you live outside this area, your weekly recycling and rubbish collection has not changed.