Our performance

We aim to deliver our services creatively and efficiently. We measure our performance in a variety of ways. This helps ensure that we are meeting the needs of our community as well as identify emerging priorities, opportunities and challenges.

We value transparency and accountability and we are pleased to share this information with you.

Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

We have commissioned a Customer Satisfaction Survey annually since 2009 in order to measure community satisfaction with its services and the relative importance of services to different people.

The latest study (conducted by Metropolis Research in September and October 2015) considers the views of more than 800 randomly selected households from 10 local neighbourhoods.

Satisfaction with our performance improved strongly in 2015.

The overall result of 7.15 represents its best ever outcome and a 5.5% improvement over the preceding year. Average satisfaction with the 27 listed Council services and facilities was 7.70 in 2015, which falls into the ‘very good’ category.

Highlights include improved satisfaction with Yarra’s governance and leadership (up 3.6%), environmental responsibilities (up 2.3%) and planning and housing development (up 10%).

Examples of high-scoring services include Yarra Council’s weekly waste and recycling collection, pet registration services, arts and cultural activities, and operation of leisure centres in Collingwood, Fitzroy and Richmond.

Survey respondents also nominated areas for improvement, including car parking (nominated by 18%), traffic management (14.1%) and cycling/walking tacks (8.4%).

For further detail on our results, visit our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey page, which includes a full copy of the report produced by Metropolis Research.

Annual Report

Our Annual Report outlines our progress towards our objectives established in our Council Plan.

We also provide information on our finances, governance, services and programs.

Highlights from the 2015/2016 Annual Report include:

  • We carried out 84% of the actions included in the Council Plan. This is our best result in more than five years and builds on last year’s 80% outcome
  • We started building the Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library, which also features maternal and child health service, community meeting space and customer service area
  • We opened five resource recovery hubs across Yarra to collect unwanted items for recycling (with 50 tonnes of goods already received)
  • Our efforts to reduce our carbon emissions, create new parks, and restore historic assets were highlighted with the Sustainable City of the Year Award from Keep Victoria Beautiful

A full copy of this publication is available for download from our Annual Report page.

Annual Plan Quarterly Progress Report

Yarra’s activities are guided by its Council Plan 2013-17, which was adopted in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989. It outlines Council’s medium term aims and provides criteria for measuring Yarra’s performance over a four-year period.

Council adopts an Annual Plan each year to assist in delivery of the Council Plan and monitors implementation via a quarterly report.

The report provides readers with a completion percentage and commentary for each of the actions included in the Annual Plan. Each year in the June quarter, Council incorporates details of achievement against Strategic Indicator targets.

View the latest edition of the Annual Plan Quarterly Progress Report.

Local Government Performance Reporting Framework

We now report against a range of new Sustainable Capacity, Service Performance and Financial Performance Indicators.

We provide annual data to the State Government for publication on the Know Your Council website.

This online resource enables visitors to access and compare the results of all Victorian councils.

Highlights for Yarra include:

  • Consultation and engagement: Yarra received a community satisfaction score of 69 (out of 100) for talking to the community about local issues, compared to 59 for similar councils and 55 for all Victorian councils.
  • Community satisfaction with Council decisions: Yarra scored 68 (out of 100) well above the 59 for similar councils and 55 for all Victoria.
    • Roads: Yarra scored 73 (out of 100) for community satisfaction with our sealed roads, compared to 68 for similar councils and 55 for all Victorian councils. 98.39% of our roads were maintained adequately compared to 95% for similar councils.
    • Animal management: It takes 2.06 days for Yarra’s animal management team to action a request, compared to three days for similar councils.
    • Food safety: Complaints about the safety of food businesses in Yarra are followed up in 1.42 days by Council. All other councils – including those similar to Yarra – take 2.16 days.
    • Libraries: 99.14% of Yarra’s library resources are less than five years old, compared to 73.14% for similar councils and 63.28% for all Victorian councils.

The full Performance Statement is provided in our Annual Report and comparative data is available on the State Government’s Know Your Council website.

Yarra excelled in several areas of the 2015/16 Local Government Performance Reporting Framework.