Recycling in our venues

Young boy and girl separating glass from plastic items using purple and yellow recycling bins

Yarra recycling has changed

The rubbish and recycling system has recently changed in Yarra. It important you learn what can now go in the Purple lidded glass bin and the Yellow lidded recycling bin. If your venue has a Lime Green lidded food waste bin, it is important that you use it appropriately. More information on why the system has changed, is available here

Your responsibilities when hiring a venue

  • It is a condition of your hire that all rubbish and recycling must be placed in the appropriate bin.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that all visitors who visit the venue during your booking are familiar with the new rubbish and recycling system and understand what can now be recycled.
  • The bins must be used correctly, as contaminated bins may lead to a withholding of your bond. 

Which bin do I use?

Four bins in our venues, glass, recycling, food waste and landfill

Purple Bin

Yes: Glass jars and bottles that are empty, clean and have the lids removed 
No:  Bin liners, lids, or drinking glasses 

Yellow Bin

Yes:  The only plastic accepted are plastic bottles labelled 1 and 2 and plastic food packaging labelled 5 
Yes:  All cardboard, paper, metal tins and cans are still accepted
No:   Paper towel, plastic unless stated, coffee cups, UHT milk cartons or bin liners.

Example: Cleaning product bottles, detergent bottles, juice, milk, water and soft drink bottles can all be recycled in the yellow bin.

Lime Green Bin (PDF, 1.07MB)

Yes:  All food waste 
No:   Paper towel, tea bags, biodegradable packaging or bin liners 


The A-Z Guide to Waste & Recycling lists a large variety of items and explains in which bin they belong.

Find out more about the Recycling Revolution here

Posters in community languages are available here