Rates and valuations

Ratepayers affected by financial hardship

For those experiencing financial hardship, Yarra has our Financial Hardship Policy to create flexibility for both commercial and residential ratepayers.

Payment arrangements can be tailored to suit each rate payer individually and their situation.

You can also visit the Financial relief/assistance during COVID-19 page on our website.

When can I expect to receive my rates notice?

Rate notices for the 2022/2023 financial year will be mailed out to all our ratepayers in August 2022.

Why do I need to pay rates?

The collection of rates from property owners is our primary means of raising revenue to pay for all the services we provide. Rate payments are your investment in services and infrastructure for the Yarra community.

In 2022/2023, our budget provides a total income of approximately $231 million, of which $124 million comes from general rates. The remaining income is to be raised from fees and charges, parking revenue, government grants and interest from investments.

What do my rates pay for?

To see a break-down of what your rates pay for, check out our Rates brochure for 2022/2023. 

Follow these steps to register to receive your rates notice by email

Step 1: Register online.

Step 2: Complete the registration information required and click 'Sign Up'.

Step 3: Verify your email after through the email you would have received in your inbox.

Once activated, all future rate notices will then be emailed to you. 

Note: We can only send your rate notice via email. Other letters or notices will still be sent to your postal address. You can also login to your account to update your details.

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Fire Services Levy on your rates notice 

The State Government has directed all Victorian councils to collect a Fire Services Property Levy in conjunction with council rates.

Although this levy appears on rates notices, it is not a council charge for council services. It is used by the State Government to partially fund Fire Rescue Victoria.

It replaces the existing fire services levy charged by insurance companies in your home insurance premiums.

How much will the Fire Services Property Levy cost?

The Fire Services Property Levy comprises a fixed component of $117 for residential properties and $238 for non-residential properties, plus a variable component based on a percentage of the capital improved value (CIV) of the property.

The State Government also includes a variable component when calculating the Fire Services Property Levy.

To calculate how much your Fire Services Property Levy contribution will be, you can use the online calculator available on the Fire Services Property Levy website.

A concession will be available to some Department of Veterans Affairs gold card holders and Pensioner Concession Card holders.