Order a new bin, repairs and replacements


My property has never had bins

If you have moved into a property that does not have a rubbish and/or recycling bin, you will need to submit an order for new bins.

How much do new bins cost?

If we have not previously supplied bins to the address, it costs $189 for a 80-litre rubbish bin and a 120-litre recycle bin.

My bin is damaged

If your bin has been damaged you will need to submit a request to have the bin repaired. Please leave your bin out from the moment it is reported for repair, which may take up to two business days.

We will inspect your bin and if it cannot be repaired, it can be replaced for free.

My bin has been stolen or is missing

Your bin can be replaced for free by submitting a request online 

When will my bin be replaced?

Once you tell us your bin has been stolen or is missing, your bin will be replaced within 48 hours of being processed by our team. Please note – we need to review and approve your application before issuing a replacement bin.

For commercial properties

If your waste bin is damaged or stolen it will be replaced with an 80-litre waste bin in accordance with our policy to encourage resource recovery and recycling.

Read about our business waste collection

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email info@yarracity.vic.gov.au.