Order a new bin, repairs and replacements

Instructions to help you request a new waste service or to change an existing service such as replacing lost bins or repairing damaged ones. Repairing or replacing an existing bin is free.

New bins

If you are setting up a new waste service to an address where Yarra has not previously provided bins to, there will be a set-up cost of $199.50 for providing a set of new bins, which includes:

  • 80-litre rubbish bin
  • 80-litre purple-lid glass bin
  • 120-litre yellow-lid recycling bin

For new properties in the Abbotsford trial area, your bin service also includes:

  • 120-litre green-lid green waste bin

Request A new bin

Damaged bins

If your bin has been damaged, you'll need to submit a request via our online form to have the bin repaired.

Repair or replace my bin

Once you have submitted your request online please leave your bin in front of your property and we’ll aim to collect it within two business days. You can continue to use your damaged bin in the meantime. 

We’ll inspect your bin and if it can’t be repaired, we'll replace it free of charge.

Report missing or stolen bins

Your can submit a request to replace a missing or stolen bin.

Your new bin will be the same size as the bin that's registered to your property. We’ll aim to replace your missing bin within five business days.