Getting around

Getting around the area on bike, foot or public transport, can be a fun and fast way explore your neighbourhood, visit friends and travel to work.

Riding around on a foot path

Find great ways to travel  

Download our Travel Smart map to find great ways to travel around Yarra.

If you would like a hard copy posted to you please contact Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or request one online

Ride a bike

More Yarra residents per capita ride bicycles to and from work than in any other metropolitan Melbourne area.

Learn more about sharing our road and paths by downloading our handy information brochure

You can read more in our about riding in Yarra by downloading our Bike Strategy refresh.

You can also visit Bicycle Network to keep up with all the latest riding information.

Use Melbourne's bike share

Yarra is part of Melbourne bike share with 3 sites operating in our area.

Following advocacy by our Council, Yarra now has bike share sites located at Yorkshire Brewery in Wellington Street, Collingwood, the Australian Catholic University on the corner of Napier Street and Victoria Parade, and the corner of Moor and Young streets in Fitzroy.

Yarra City Council is continuing to advocate for further extensions of bike share sites in Yarra.

Share a car

You don't need to buy your own car, you can share with a neighbour.

Car sharing is a new concept in personal transport. There are 4 car sharing operators in Yarra that provide an alternative to car ownership and the associated costs.

How car sharing works

Join a car sharing organisation and you will have access to cars on demand for rent - either by the hour or by the day.

What you need to know:

  • Members pay each time they use a shared car.
  • Cars are parked in special reserved parking spots (called "pods") around the locality.
  • Cars can be booked by phone or internet.
  • Cars can be booked for trips as short as one hour.
  • Petrol, insurance, registration, maintenance and cleaning are included in the hire charge.

How to join

Flexicar, GoGet and GreenShareCar vehicles are available in Yarra. Work out which company will work best for you.

Check the car pods they offer in your area, as well as comparing prices and service.

Car Next Door

Car Next Door is a neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing initiative. It connects car owners who do not use their vehicle all the time with people who do not own a car, but may need one occasionally. This service uses residents’ own vehicles and provides an alternative to traditional car sharing providers.

Why we support car sharing

We support car sharing because it offers the potential to reduce parking demand on Yarra streets.

One car-share vehicle can replace many privately-owned vehicles. Some Yarra residents only own cars for occasional or weekend use. These cars often sit idle much of the week taking up on-street car spaces that neighbours or visitors might otherwise use.

Car sharing also reduces driving and car dependence. It promotes the sharing of scarce resources and makes non car-owning lifestyles more viable in Yarra.

Public Transport

There are many public transport options in Yarra, visit Public Transport Victoria or download the local area public transport map to plan your journey today.

We encourage walking

Walking is a great way to explore Yarra. Visit Victoria Walks to discover walking routes near you.

School crossing service

We manage dedicated school crossing supervisors who brave all sorts of weather to assist pedestrians of all ages, but mainly school age children, to cross the road safely.    If you have an enquiry or wish to report an issue please call 9205 5555 or complete a customer request form.

School Crossing Supervisors

The operational school crossings in Yarra are staffed by permanent part-time and relief school crossing supervisors. These school crossing supervisors are located at both pedestrian light crossings and at flagged children's crossings. 

Operating Times

School crossing supervisors work for one hour in the morning, generally between 8am to 9am, and one hour in the afternoons, generally between 3pm and 4pm. They are located in and around schools within the City of Yarra. 

Safety Education 

School Crossing Supervisors are committed to the promotion and practice of road safety at school crossings. The school crossing supervisors help to educate pedestrians on safe crossing practices. 

Become a School Crossing Supervisor

Check our careers page to see if an exciting opportunity exists within the School Crossings Unit for motivated relief school crossing supervisor.