Request a larger or smaller bin

You might be able to request a smaller and larger bin, if you meet the requirements listed below. 

If your request is approved, we will be in touch within five business days to schedule the delivery of your new bin and retrieval of your old bin.

All bin requests will be responded to as soon as possible, however, delays may occur in times of high demand.

Bin upsize

We want to encourage you to recycle as much as possible! If you need more room for your recycling or glass, we can swap you over to a larger sized bin free of charge: 

  • 120-litre or 240-litre glass bin 
  • 240-litre recycling bin 
  • 660-litre or 1100-litre recycling bin (multi-unit developments/apartment blocks only)  

Request a bin upsize

You can request a larger rubbish bin on a temporary basis if one or more of the following criteria applies to you:

  • Four or more adults residing in one house 
  • Children in nappies 
  • A person with a medical condition which results in additional waste 

If this is you, please complete our online form to request a bin upsize. You'll need to provide supporting evidence. All temporary rubbish bin upgrades are reviewed on a yearly basis.

Bin sharing

Bin sharing between neighbours is a great idea to save space. Please have a friendly chat to your neighbour to discuss bin sharing.

Note: If you're sharing with a neighbour and need a larger bin, please read the bin upsize information on this page.

If you’ve decided to share a bin with a neighbour, you can submit a bin retrieval request.


New bins, repairs and replacements

You can also order a new bin, or ask us to repair or replace your bins

Commercial properties

Commercial properties can request a larger bin for glass, mixed recycling and rubbish if they are being used for staff kitchen and bathroom waste only, not waste generated from business activities.

If your rubbish bin is damaged or stolen it will be replaced with an 80-litre rubbish bin in accordance with our policy to encourage recycling.

Read about our business rubbish and recycling collection.

For more information

Call Yarra City Council on 03 9205 5555 or email