Roads and traffic

What we manage

  • 225 kilometres of road pavement
  • 456 kilometres of footpaths
  • 410 kilometres of kerb and channel
  • 215 kilometres of storm water pipes
  • 85 kilometres of laneways

Report a damaged or hazardous road, footpath, laneway or sign

To report any damage or a hazard, give us a call immediately on 9205 5555.

Learn more about damaged roads and footpaths

How we manage and maintain our roads

Our road management plan (adopted 20 July 2021) sets goals and objectives to create a sustainable, safe and efficient transport system in partnership with the community.

We work together with the Victorian government to manage roads in Yarra. You can read the Codes of Practice under the Road Management Act on the Vicroads website.

The purpose of the road management plan is to document the standards and priorities for inspection, maintenance and repairs of the road network. The plan outlines our responsibilities to ensure that roads and footpath are safe.

The road management plan includes:

  • management system put in place by us to inspect, maintain and repair the public roads for which it is responsible
  • description of those assets on public roads for which we are responsible
  • standard, or target condition, at which those assets will be maintained by us
  • a hierarchy for roads and footpaths to inform response times and effective maintenance and repair practices
  • updating to the road register

Our road materials policy

When constructing and repairing our roads and laneways original materials are used to preserve the heritage look of Yarra. You can find more information about our road materials policy here.

Laneways and Rights of Way

Yarra City Council has a policy for laneways, passageways and Rights of Way (ROW) in Yarra that sets out the basis for the inclusion of laneways, or Right of Ways on the Register of Public Roads.

Keeping our streets safe

Yarra has seen an increase in traffic in recent years, making road congestion one of the top issues affecting our residents.

We undertake a number of projects to improve safety and amenity of our streets for all road users, including motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users.

Find out more about managing traffic

You can read more about road safety online

Motorcycle safety

You can read more about motorcycle safety on the TAC Spokes website.

Standard drawings

You can see Yarra's standard drawings here.

Heritage street signs

You can find a list of all the heritage street signs here.

Extending the Wellington Street bicycle lanes

We have extended the existing protected bike lanes on Wellington Street in Collingwood to provide a safer and better connected journey for cyclists, as part of Towards Zero. read more about the Wellington Street Bike Lanes extension