Apartments, units and townhouses

Apartment buildings require more complex waste management systems than households, as well as more frequent education. This is the responsibility of the Owner’s Committee.

If your recycling bins are regularly overflowing, please ask your Owner’s Committee to contact us to organise a site assessment. We are happy to change your bin configurations to ensure you have the right number of bins for recycling, glass and rubbish, and will work with you to provide appropriate infrastructure and educational materials.

What bin is for what?

  • The green or red-lid bins are for rubbish (collected weekly)
  • The yellow-lid bins are for recycling (collected fortnightly)
  • The purple-lid bins are for glass bottles and jars (no lids) (collected on the alternating fortnight) collected fortnightly – it alternates with your purple-lid glass bin.

Refer to our A to Z Waste and Recycling Guide for a comprehensive list of how to dispose of most items.

Tips for saving space

Please remember that your bins are shared between everyone in the building. To help make sure your shared bins are not overflowing, please:   

  • Do not put large items in the bin. You can arrange a hard waste collection.
  • Flatten plastic bottles, cans and other squash-able containers.
  • Rip up and flatten cardboard boxes, as they can stick in the bin and take up a lot of space. 
  • Reduce the amount of packaging you are purchasing, and therefore throwing away.

What about hard rubbish collection?

You should book a hard waste collection through your building manager, property manager, caretaker or Owner’s Committee if possible. This provides other residents within the complex the opportunity to schedule a booking on the same day.

However, if you have difficulty booking through your manager, please contact us.

Building managers and caretakers

To book a hard waste collection for a multi-unit site, please contact us.

A list of items should be provided at the time of booking. Managers must ensure that the hard waste is placed neatly out for collection where it can be accessed by the collection vehicle and does not restrict footpath access.

Food waste, composting and on-site processing options

If you live in an apartment and have limited space for processing food waste, you can consider using a Bokashi bin, an eco-friendly composting system designed for use in the kitchen, or a compact composting or worm farming system, designed for balconies and small spaces. These can be purchased at garden nurseries and environmental supply businesses.

There are on-site options available. Several companies in Melbourne install units in commercial or multi-unit developments to process food waste into a soil additive, significantly reducing the volume of food waste. For more information contact us.


The multi-unit development toolkit (PDF 3.2MB) helps building managers and owner’s committees of management and residents of apartment buildings set up an effective rubbish and recycling system in their building.

Bin signage to help you sort your rubbish and recycling

Use these posters to help everyone easily identify what you can put in the recycling, glass and rubbish bins. You can download, print and laminate them to put in your building’s bin room, your apartment or other common areas.

We can also provide you with large rigid posters (size A1 or A3) of the Recycling, Glass, Rubbish and Unwanted items posters, as well as stickers to place on your bins.

Corflute signage can be collected from the Clifton Hill Depot, Monday – Friday, between 9am and 2.45pm. We are located at 168 Roseneath Street, Clifton Hill, about 35 metres west of the entrance to the recycling centre. You do not need to let us know that you are coming.

Please note, we are unable to send out posters due to their size.

Need more information about recycling in your building

We understand that our residents in apartments, units and townhouses experience unique issues gaining information on their bins and services

To help provide timely and relevant information on our waste management service, we have launched a new e-mail newsletter for these residents. 

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Private waste collection and recycling

Some apartment buildings have private waste and recycling collection service. The items accepted by their recycling processors are different to the items accepted by Yarra's recycling processor.


Below are some resources to help you sort your rubbish and recycling if you manage a multi-unit development or live in an apartment building in Yarra that has a private waste collection service (not serviced by Council).