Smarter Parking for Bridge Road

In partnership with the Bridge Road Traders Executive on Monday 8 October 2018 we will begin a trial of changes to the parking controls along Bridge Road. The trial will run for about 12 months.

By studying the parking behaviour resulting from these changes, we can ensure that the parking controls are set to encourage people who come by car to: 

  • visit Bridge Road more often. 
  • spend the ideal amount of time shopping, dining and getting things done. 

The data will be monitored and evaluated every month, but further changes will only be considered with compelling evidence. This approach is made possible by our investment in “smart” parking technology for the strip.

What will the parking trial changes identify?

Arrivals - how many people come to Bridge Road by car.

Length of stay - how long people who come by car stay in the area. 

Frequency of visit - how often people who come by car return to the street. 

Parking bay availability - when is it too difficult to find a vacant bay, when are there too many empty parking bays and when is the situation 'just right'. 

What kind of changes will I see?

The first adjustment is a price reduction. From Monday 8 October visitors who pay $2 for their first half hour will receive their second half hour for free. Additional time after the first hour will be at the current rate of $4 per hour. The new price will be clearly signed and available via all payment types.

We will make minor changes to the parking restrictions in some sections of the street to make them more consistent. 

The new trial will be promoted in partnership with the Bridge Road Traders Executive and all retailers will receive materials to help inform customers. 

Why does the first price adjustment involve $2.00 for the first 30 minutes, with the next 30 minutes for free? 

Sensor data shows that drivers currently stay (on average) less than 30 minutes. By offering an additional 30 minutes for free, we are encouraging visitors to stay a little loner to enjoy all that Bridge Road has to offer.  

How will you know how many drivers are visiting Bridge Road and how long they are staying? 

We have installed in-ground sensors in all Bridge Road parking bays. The sensor records vehicle arrival and departure times, allowing us to understanding how people are using the parking bays along Bridge Road. We will also be studying people's use of the meters and smartphone apps. 

Is the free period available through all payment methods? 

Yes. The free period can be accessed via parking meters or the PayStay app.