Parking sensors in Yarra

We are installing 4,000 underground parking sensors in time-restricted (not paid) parking bays.

The rollout is comencing with 900 bays in the Richmond sporting precinct and will continue with additional bays in other high-demand parking areas of Yarra. Line-marking will be required in 3,000 bays.

The main goal of the new system is to improve turnover, freeing up parking bays for Yarra residents and customers of local businesses. A more targeted and efficient approach than the old ‘chalk and check’ method, the sensor bays will encourage greater compliance and greater turnover.

Why are you introducing parking sensors?

The main goal of the new system is to free up parking bays for Yarra residents and customers of local businesses. This is a more targeted and efficient system than the old ‘chalk and check’ method.

How do the parking sensors work?

The new parking sensors use proprietary technology to detect vehicle arrival and departure and wirelessly transfer this data to parking officers. The sensors are installed underground and cannot be vandalised or tampered with.

How accurate are the parking sensors?

The new state-of-the-art system has been proven to be accurate and legally enforceable. To date all prosecutions involving infringements issued with the assistance of this technology have been awarded in favour of the prosecuting authority. The new system has operated successfully in the City of Melbourne.

What is the purpose of the line-marking?

Additional line-marking will be required in 3,000 bays to ensure that each vehicle parks over a single sensor. This may result in the loss of small number of parking positions, but is necessary to ensure that restrictions can be fairly and efficiently enforced.

Where are the sensors going to be located?

The sensors will be located primarily in the Richmond sporting precinct and Cremorne, as well as other highly contested parking areas of Yarra. These locations were determined based on usage and infringement patterns. See the bottom of this page for a list of planned locations.

Will you expand the parking sensors into other areas?

If budget allows, we may consider expanding its sensor network into new areas at a future date.

Is this going to boost your revenue?

The sensors will improve our ability to issue infringement notices to overstaying vehicles. Revenue collected through parking fines is invested back into community services such as libraries, maternal child health and home help for vulnerable members of the community. Depending on usage and compliance levels, we estimate total revenue from infringement notices may increase.

How much revenue do you receive from infringement notices?

In 2015/16 Council received $12.3m from infringement notices.

Listing of planned sensor locations

(includes part of all of the following streets)

· Abbotsford St, Abbotsford
· Abinger St, Richmond
· Albert St, Richmond
· Amsterdam St, Richmond
· Balmain St, Cremorne
· Bank, Richmond
· Barkly Ave, Richmond
· Bell St, Richmond
· Bell St, Richmond
· Bosisto, Richmond
· Bowen, Richmond
· Brighton St, Richmond
· Burgess St, Richmond
· Cameron, Richmond
· Carroll St, Richmond
· Charles St, Richmond
· Charles St, Abbotsford
· Charlotte St, Richmond
· Chestnut St, Cremorne
· Clarke St, Abbotsford
· Clifton St, Richmond
· Coppin St, Richmond
· Cotter St, Richmond
· Cremourne St, Cremorne
· Dando St, Richmond
· Darlington Pde, Richmond
· Davis St, Richmond
· Dickmann St, Richmond
· Docker St, Richmond
· Dover St, Cremorne
· Durham St, Richmond
· Elm Gve, Richmond
· Fraser St, Richmond
· Gipps St, Richmond
· Goodwood St, Richmond
· Gough St, Cremorne
· Green St, Cremorne
· Hosie St, Richmond
· Howard St, Richmond
· Hull, Richmond
· Hunter St, Richmond
· James St, Richmond
· Johnston, Abbotsford
· Kelso St, Cremorne
· Kingston St, Richmond
· Lennox St, Richmond
· Lesney St, Richmond
· Lord St, Richmond
· Lyndhurst St, Richmond
· Madden Gve, Richmond
· Mary St, Richmond
· Mary St, Richmond
· Melrose St, Cremorne
· Montgomery St, Richmond
· Moorehouse, Richmond
· Napier, Fitzroy
· Neptune St, Richmond
· Newlands, Richmond
· Nicholson, Abbotsford
· Nicholson, Carlton Nth
· Nicholson, Fitzroy Nth
· Normanby, Richmond
· Palmer, Richmond
· Prince Patrick St, Richmond
· Queens, Fitzroy Nth
· Railway Cres, Cremorne
· Rathdowne, Carlton Nth
· Richmond Tce, Richmond
· Rose St, Richmond
· Rotherwood, Richmond
· Rowena Pde, Richmond
· Shelley, Richmond
· Sherwood, Richmond
· Stanley St, Richmond
· Station, Carlton Nth
· Stewart St, Richmond
· Strode St, Richmond
· Strode St, Richmond
· Swan St, Richmond
· Swan St, Richmond
· Tanner St, Richmond
· Tennyson St, Richmond
· The Boulevard, Burnley
· The Crofts, Richmond
· The Crofts, Richmond
· Thomas, Richmond
· Trenerry, Abbotsford
· Valiant, Abbotsford
· Victoria, Fitzroy
· Waltham Pl, Richmond
· Waltham St, Richmond
· Wangaratta St, Richmond
· Waverley St, Richmond
· Wellington St, Cremorne
· Willis St, Richmond
· Wiltshire St, Richmond
· Yarra St, Richmond
· Yorkshire St, Richmond