Where and how to park legally

There are three ways to avoid getting a parking fine.

1. Obey the parking signs

In Yarra, you must obey the street parking restrictions and pay for parking when required. 

2. Use the correct permit in the correct locations

We offer business parking permits, disabled parking permits, and medical parking permits.

These permits are only valid in certain areas and only given to you if you meet the requirements. Make sure you read the conditions of the permit carefully.

3. Pay for parking in paid parking areas

You need to pay for parking in the paid parking areas to avoid a fine. Paid parking is commonly around busy areas such as shopping strips. Time restrictions also apply on paid parking.

If you have a disability parking permit, you do not need to pay when parking in paid parking areas and both green and blue label permit holders are allowed to park in a time restricted parking bay for twice the length of time specified on the sign.

Always check the signs before leaving your parked vehicle.