Where and how to park legally

To avoid a fine you must:

1) Obey the parking signs

In Yarra, you must obey the street parking restrictions and pay for parking when required. 

2) Use the correct permit in the correct locations

We offer business parking permits, disabled parking permits, and medical parking permits.

These permits are only valid in certain areas and only given to you if you meet the requirements. Make sure you read the conditions of the permit carefully.

3) Pay for parking in paid parking areas

You need to pay for parking in the paid parking areas to avoid a fine. Paid parking is commonly around busy areas such as shopping strips. Time restrictions also apply on paid parking.

Always check the signs before leaving your parked vehicle.

There are 2 ways to pay for parking:

1. PayStay free-to-download app 

You can pay for parking using your the PayStay app on your smartphone. 

2. Ticket machines

Ticket machines are available in all paid parking areas. Our ticket machines only accept coins.

You can be issued with a parking fine if you leave your vehicle unattended to get change for the ticket machine.

Find out what to do if the ticket machine is faulty.

I am a resident. Where do I park in Yarra?

If you are a resident of Yarra, you may be eligible for a parking permit. With a residential parking permit you can park in any area that has a time restriction e.g. 1P (1 hour) or more.

If you are a parking permit holder you are not entitled to park in:

  • areas that are prohibited from parking (such as loading zones)
  • time restricted spaces marked under 1 hour
  • ticket machine and parking metered areas (unless specified)

Your residential parking permit does not guarantee that there will always be available parking spaces in the street.

Parking zones in Yarra

Residential parking permits in Yarra are allocated according to parking zones. Check the parking zones.

Parking signs

You can not park for longer than the time shown on a parking sign. The parking time limits on the sign only apply during the times shown. Outside of those times, you can park with no restrictions, unless there are other signs saying you can't.

VicRoads provides a summary of the key road rules in Victoria about parking.

Where to park your motorbike

You can park your motorbike on the footpath if it is not in the way of the people walking and also not causing any other type of obstruction.

Parking on public holidays

For parking signs that state days of the week, parking and time restrictions on the signs do not apply on a public holiday.

For parking signs that do not state days of the week, you must observe parking and time restrictions on a public holiday.