Abandoned vehicles

We consider a vehicle to be abandoned if it is:

  • unregistered (check registration on VicRoads)
  • registered but has not been moved in more than two months
  • deemed not roadworthy by Victoria Police or VicRoads

We cannot remove vehicles that are:

Report an abandoned vehicle

You need the following details to report an abandoned vehicle:

  • vehicle registration (if known)
  • location of vehicle (street and street number)
  • description of the vehicle (colour, make and model)
  • photographs.

Report online

What happens after your report?

Council will investigate the matter. Please note that this process can take up to 60 days depending on if the vehicle is registered or not.

The investigation process includes:

  • verifying if the vehicle is registered and if it has been reported as stolen,
  • attempting to contact the last known registered owner of the vehicle to move their vehicle,
  • monitor the vehicle whilst we await response from the last known owner of the vehicle and if there is no action, Council to tow the vehicle.

It is important to understand that residents may park their vehicles for longer durations compared to other vehicles Examples could include: on holidays/vacation, their personal vehicle is not their primary form of transport and have opted to use public transport, they have a temporary vehicle. When conducting our investigation, we take these circumstances into account. If a vehicle is currently registered and we can verify that the owner lives in the vicinity, we generally do not consider these vehicles to be abandoned

Dangerous vehicles will be removed, and police involved if necessary.

You have received a notice regarding your vehicle

Please contact Council immediately if you have found a notice on your vehicle.

We issue a notice to the vehicle if it is unregistered or if we believe it has been abandoned. The notice advises the owner that they must move the vehicle by the due date on the notice. If the owner fails to contact Council or move the vehicle, it may be towed.

Releasing an impounded vehicle

If your vehicle has been impounded, we can release it after you have:

  • provided proof of ownership
  • paid the required fee ($460 release fee plus $25 for each day the vehicle is stored).

All vehicles are towed by Nationwide Towing & Transport who can be contacted on 13 48 69.  Vehicles can be retrieved from 1 221 Browns Road, Noble Park 3174.

If you do not claim your vehicle within 14 days of it being impounded, we have the authority to sell, destroy or donate the vehicle. This includes anything in, on or attached to the vehicle.