Apply for a loading zone

You can apply to use a loading zone if your vehicle has a goods registration classification, or is a passenger vehicle, truck, van with a permanently fixed sign on both sides of the vehicle.

Is my property eligible for a loading zone?

There are some circumstances where you cannot apply for a loading zone. These include:

  • if there is an existing loading bay within the property
  • if the planning permit for your business requires a loading/unloading zone within the property.

How do I apply for a loading zone?

To apply, please submit the Loading zone application form


Before you submit your application

Before you submit your application, you will need to obtain consent for the loading bay from your neighbours or affected property owners.

What happens after I apply?

The Parking Management unit will assess the application in accordance with the Parking Restriction Guidelines.

Processing a loading zone application and request takes approximately 8 weeks.

How much does it cost? 

Depending on the circumstances, and if you application is approved, you may be charged for the cost of works associated with installation of the loading zone.

We will erect signs and do the road markings within 4 to 6 weeks of approval. Signage and line marking may cost you approximately $218.