Smart Movement Sensors

Bike riders being counted by a sensor 

We have set up a library of smart counting sensors that will soon be used to give us a better understanding of movement across the city.

The 12 pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle sensors use a range of smart technologies to capture movement, including infrared, three-dimensional imagery, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Real-time data and insights collected from the sensors will be used to inform future planning and ensure our projects address the real needs of our city.

Where are the smart sensors located?

The sensors will be installed and relocated for short, medium or long-term periods to support various projects and initiatives.

The sensor locations will be highlighted on our interactive smart city project map.

Please check back for updates on the launch of this map.

Project snapshot

 Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep analytics and three dimensional imagery, Ultra high accuracy(95-99%), Infrared and heat seeking technologies, Advanced and predticitve sensing, Long-life battery, solar and mains power.

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