Yarra CityLab

Blue Logo that reads Yarra CityLab

Yarra CityLab brings people together to explore smart technologies, new approaches and creative solutions.

Yarra CityLab was launched in 2019 to help deliver council’s smart city vision.

We provide digital and non-digital support, services and tools and access to an established smart technology and innovation network.

We work in partnership to apply a smart city lens to urban challenges and make sure that Yarra can fully realise the benefits of smart city transformation.

Focus area

Addressing key social justice issues, Free community wifi, co-designing, Urban activation, decision making informed by data, data visualization

Smart approaches

Machine learning and artificial intelligence, wayfinding using hybrid signs, specialist resin and recycled glass surfaces, climate sensors, solar and renewable energy, smart movement sensors

Project highlights

Smart lighting, Yarra STEAM Labs, smart urban furniture, lighting design, job creation, smart network.

Results snapshot

30 smart city partnerships, 27 internatl staff, 1.1 million measured value, 31 council plan strategies, 37 smart city connections, 670,000 value of awarded grants and funding

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