Yarra Science Play

Science play - kids racing on an outdoor track

Yarra Science Play helps primary students build skills for their future.

The future workplace will rely heavily on STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

This means that supporting all children with digital learning opportunities is more important than ever.

STEM program at Richmond West Primary 

We partnered with several stakeholders to pilot an informal STEM program at Richmond West Primary School.

The program aimed to support equitable access to smart technology and spark the children's interest in science through play. 

Pilot snapshot

25 free development kits, 12 learning sessions, 50% split between females and males, 3 data visualisation tools, 15 participants in each session, average age of 11.

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Yarra Libraries - STEAM Labs

Following the success of the pilot, it has been added to the Yarra Libraries after-school program Yarra STEAM Labs.