Community Lighting Workshop

Community participants holding torches against a wall

We are working with the community to create inclusive and welcoming spaces in Victoria Street.

We conducted a 3-hour night time lighting walk on 28 April 2021. The event brought together council, lighting specialists Arup, Victoria Police and a diverse group of participants of different cultures, age groups and walks of life.

During the event participants engaged in hands on activities to learn how lighting impacts perceptions of safety and explore different lighting sources including smart technologies.

Co-designing the lighting concept

The community’s insights are being used to inform the lighting concepts for the project area. This includes the use of warm and vibrant light, an emphasis on street art and interactive lighting installations, and a focus on creating welcoming spaces.

Watch our event video

We have developed this short video to showcase the night time lighting walk.


Our event gallery

A range of photos from the night time walk, trialing Photoluminescent technology and ways lighting can effect peoples perception of safety.

Event snapshot

3 hour workshop exploring Victoria street at night, 40 Community, business and council participants, 24 Dolphin torches and colour filters.

Learn more about our night time lighting walk