Cremorne Digital Infrastructure Upgrade

Cremorne area with the RAE Group an BeConcept buildings in focus

We have partnered with the Victorian Government to install six ENE.HUB smart poles in Cremorne that will support digital equity, innovation and the new Cremorne Digital Hub.

Thanks to a $1 million Victorian Government investment we are activating free high-speed public WiFi and smart city services in Cremorne’s outdoor spaces.

What will this project do?

Our vision is to create a smart city for everyone. The ENE.HUB smart poles will provide more opportunities for people to access digital services, products and information. They can also help to strengthen connectivity and foster new and innovative approaches to how we work, live and play in Cremorne.

Smart sensors in the poles will provide access to air quality, foot and street traffic data. We will use this information to better understand the precinct, and ensure the best available insights are informing our services, operations and improvements.

One of the smart poles will service the new Cremorne Digital Hub which aims to drive a significant uplift in digital capability, workforce skills and innovation across Victorian industries.

What services will the pole provide?

The following features have been activated in the smart poles:

  • Free high-speed WiFi
  • Air quality, pollen, particle dust and CO2 sensors
  • Vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle counting sensors
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Data management platform

Where are the smart poles located?

The poles will be located at key sites throughout Cremorne, with one of the poles servicing the new Cremorne Digital Hub in Balmain Street.

Please check back for updates on the launch of our interactive smart city project map which will note the smart pole locations.

Why Cremorne?

Cremorne is emerging as one of Australia's leading enterprise precincts. It contributes $4 billion to the Victorian economy each year and is the home of some of Australian’s most successful tech. businesses.

By activating the ENE.HUB smart poles in Cremorne, the project aims to help engage people around smart technology and innovation, attract more entrepreneurs and business interest in the area, and showcase Cremorne as a global innovation precinct.

Project Snapshot

 Free WiFi, Air Quality sensors, LED Lighting, Foot Traffic Sensors, Street Traffic Sensors and Data Management

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