Yarra Smart Pole Project

Smart Pole in a park

We have partnered with ENE.HUB to install three smart poles providing free WiFi, LED lighting and smart sensors.

These smart poles support our smart city vision by giving us access to a wide range of smart city services and data.

What services will the poles provide?

The following features have been activated:

  • Free WiFi
  • Wind and rain sensors
  • Temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors
  • Air quality, pollen, particle dust and CO2 sensors
  • Vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle counting sensors
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Data management platform

We will use the sensor data to better understand our city and its needs, and ensure the best available information informs our services and operations.

Where are the smart poles located?

Please check back for updates on the launch of our interactive smart city project map which will note the smart pole locations.

Project snapshot

Wifi Network, Climate sensors, LED Lighting, Air Quality Sensors, Movement Sensors, Data Management

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