Safe and liveable Victoria Street

 Safe and liveable Victoria - people walking past backlit aboriginal street art

Building community confidence in the Victoria Street Precinct.

Victoria Street has historically been known for its diverse culture and vibrant dining and retail spaces.

More recently, socio-economic disadvantage and anti-social behaviour has impacted the amenity and liveability of this area.

Yarra is delivering the Safe and Liveable Victoria Street Project, with funding by the Victorian Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program.  

What will this project do?

It blends smart lighting, glow-in-the-dark and recycled glass surface materials and a fun interactive light installation.

It also brings together the community, council and other stakeholders to work alongside each other to co-design a solution.

The project aims to reactivate public spaces and get people excited about engaging within the Victoria Street precinct.

Project snapshot

Smart lighting, Smart surfaces, lighting study, smart wayfinding, space activation, partnerships.

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