The Accessible Parking Permit Scheme

The Australian Government and Vic Roads have introduced a new Accessible Parking Permit Scheme for disabled permits.

This new scheme will improve the process and gain consistency and fairness across Victoria.

Residents and organisations who require a new permit, lost permit or renewal of their existing permit, must now apply through this system. If you currently hold a disability parking permit, this remains valid until its expiry date. You are not required to take any action at this point.

You must apply for the permit within the municipality in which you reside in.

There is no fee for this permit.

Types of Permits

  1. Accessible Parking Permit
  2. Victorian Double Time Parking Permit
  3. ADP Organisation Permit

Information on the conditions of use for these permits can be found here.

Do I need to visit my GP for a permit?

Yes, in the past these permits were managed by 79 different Councils, this led to a range of variations in processes and outcomes. The APP Scheme has updated the questions GPs and OTs will to assess eligibility against the scheme. Every applicant for a permit will need to be assessed at least once by a GP or OT using the new application process and criteria questions.

Am I eligible to apply for a disabled parking permit?

The decision to issue a permit, as well as the permit type, is based on a doctor’s assessment and Vic Roads' guidelines. The doctor must complete a questionnaire regarding the applicant’s requirements, including;

  • The need for rest breaks when walking
  • Any extra space required when accessing a vehicle
  • The use of any mobility aids
  • Other issues that may cause a danger to the applicant.

If you are unsuccessful in the application, you are welcome to seek a second opinion from another medical practitioner.

A driver or passenger may be eligible for a temporary permit if they have a significant ambulatory disability that is not permanent, but it is not likely to improve within six months.

How do I apply?

1. Visit Accessible Parking Permits Webpage to start your application

2. Get your application number (You will receive this by SMS and email.)

3. Meet with your GP for assessment.

4. Permit will be sent to you by mail. (Or you have the option to pick up from Council (one it has been sent to us from VicRoads) at Collingwood Town Hall -140 Hoddle St, Abbotsford) 

Frequently asked questions

Visit Vic Roads information page to seek clarification on any questions you may have.


Key conditions and use of accessible parking permits

  • The permit must only be displayed when the vehicle is being used to transport the permit holder.
  • The permit must be securely displayed so all details remain clearly visible through the passenger side of the front windscreen throughout the duration of parking.
  • Parking conditions and payment requirements can differ from one local council to another, and a permit holder should always check the applicable parking signs.
  • Parking is not permitted in restricted locations (indicated by red signs) such as clearways, loading zones, no stopping, taxi only areas, bus zones and residential permit zones.
  • When selecting parking, permit holders must ensure a sign for a restricted parking area will not apply for any part of their intended stay. Any time allowed by a permit stop when a red sign starts.
  •  Failure to adhere to the permit’s conditions of issue and use, regardless of entitlement to the permit, may result in the permit holder incurring a parking infringement notice.


Disability parking signs

Spaces are reserved for vehicles with an accessible parking permit.

Look for parking signs displaying the international symbol of access like the example below. 

 Disability Parking Sign


Accessible parking permits allow permit holders to park for double the length of time. Look for green ‘P’ parking signs like the below.

In this example, it notes 2P (2-hour parking limit), permit holders will be eligible to park for 4-hours.

 2P Parking Sign