Child care

We operate five children’s centres in Yarra. The centres provide a long day care program for children aged from 6 weeks of age until they commence primary school. 

Our long day care programs operate for 10.5 hours per day Monday to Friday, 50 weeks of the year.

Update on coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

The Federal Government has announced subsidised childcare for eligible families who need support through the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the Support for families with children during COVID-19 section of our website.

You can also visit the COVID-19 information hub for service changes information.

About our children's centres

Each children’s centre provides a safe and inclusive environment, where we work together with children, families and the community to meet their needs.

  • Consistent, qualified educators that engage in ongoing professional development.
  • Indoor and outdoor learning environments that provide children with opportunities to explore, experiment, create, take risks and play.
  • Opportunities to support children to be strong and confident learners.
  • A focus on health and wellbeing in our programming and menu options.

Each centre can also provide information about other early years services and referrals to family support where needed. 

Our programs 

All programs meet the National Quality Standards for Education and Care services and are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework.

We celebrate the diversity of Yarra and all families and children of all abilities are welcome in our centres. Our programs are inclusive and are based on the needs and interests of children and their families.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (775KB, pdf)

Times and locations

Name of centre Session times  Address Phone
Connie Benn Children's Centre  7.30am to 6pm  160 Brunswick St, Fitzroy   03 9426 1500
Gold Street Children's Centre
*Please note that children must be 15 months or older to attend Gold Street.
Children under this age commence at Keele Street Children's Centre.

 7.30am to 6pm  64 Gold St, Collingwood  03 9205 5576
Keele St Children's Centre   7.30am to 6pm  177 Keele St, Collingwood  03 8415 0970
North Carlton Children's Centre  7.45am to 6.15pm   481 Canning St, North Carlton  03 9274 2710
Yarraberg Children's Centre  7.15am to 6pm  4 River St, Richmond  03 9428 0707

All of the Children's Centres except Keele St Children's Centre offer a 4 year old Kindergarten programme which is integrated with long day care. There are also a number of Children’s Centres in the City of Yarra that are operated by private and not-for-profit providers.

Cost of childcare

As part of Council’s 2020–2021 Adopted Fees & Budget, all fees for Children’s Services will increase from 1 January 2021. The fees increase ensures that we are able to continue to offer quality programs with skilled educators and program inclusions.

Yarra's long day care fee 2021 as per adopted budget is $124.60 per day.

Families may be eligible for government support with fees for many of our services. The fee support is provided through Centrelink (The Family Assistance Office) in the form of the Child Care Subsidy. 

Families who are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy will pay a reduced fee. To register for Child Care Subsidy you must have a myGov account and complete an assessment.

To claim the Child Care Subsidy, you will need to accept the bookings you make with us through myGov. Before commencing care, you will also need to sign a paper based agreement with the Children’s service.  Please note that Child Care Subsidy approvals may change the level of benefit you currently receive. For more information please visit the Victorian Government Childcare website

How do I register my child for long daycare?

Children’s Services at the City of Yarra is excited to announce a big change in our Central Registration System process! Families can now register for our council-managed or participating children’s services by completing an online form, using the link below.

Please note that there is one form for Long Day Care and one form for Kindergarten programs.  This online process makes it a lot easier for families in our community to register for children’s services in Yarra.  We hope you are excited about this development and that your experience with the new forms is positive.  Please give us your feedback so that we can continue to improve your experience.

Registrations received via the old CRS form have been processed.  All families will receive confirmation of registration via SMS text message shortly.

Complete the online application form

Before you complete the form – there may be some additional information you need to upload, if applicable to you.  You will need to have this ready as you complete the form.  You can upload a scanned copy or a photo of the document.

  • Letter of referral from a medical practitioner if there is a diagnosis of a chronic or serious health issue that impacts on your capacity to care for your child.

From 1 July we will no longer be charging a one-off administration fee of $15 for registrations. 

How are places allocated?

Our Priority of Access Policy is an important consideration in the allocation of child care and kindergarten places for Children’s Centres operated by the City of Yarra.  The policy is applied to ensure there is a fair and equitable process for the management and allocation of places in Council’s Children’s services. 

Accepting an offer

You will be contacted via email or SMS if a place becomes available for your child.  You will have up to three days to respond to this offer.     

After you have accepted your offer, you will receive an invitation via email to enrol your child using our new children’s services management software called Xplor.  Xplor also has a fantastic childcare app that captures your child's learning and helps you communicate important information about your child, directly with the service!

More information

If you have any questions about long day care please contact the Customer & Business Support team on 03 9205 5555.

For further information read our Family Handbook (749kB PDF)