Learn more about playgroups in Yarra

What is a playgroup?

Playgroups are for babies, toddlers and preschool children and their parents, grandparents or carers. They are a place to play, talk and share ideas. 

Playgroups usually meet for 2 hours once a week in a range of places, including parks.

Types of playgroups

Baby playgroups

These are held in Maternal and Child Health Centres following First Time Parent Groups and are open to all families with young babies.

Community Playgroups

Led by parents, these groups are usually held in Maternal and Child Health Centres and are open to all families with babies and children.

Supported playgroups

These have a paid facilitator who runs the playgroup and are usually held in Neighbourhood Houses and Community Hubs.

Language-specific playgroups

These are available for families who speak Arabic, French, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Unique Playgroups

There are playgroups for families with twins and triplets, children with additional needs, fathers, rainbow families and single parents.  There is also a bush playgroup for families interested in nature play.

To find out about specific playgroups contact Yarra City Council.

Benefits of playgroups

For adults

  • the opportunity to make new friends and share ideas and information
  • time to talk about the joys and challenges of parenting
  • access to information, resources and support
  • a chance to be part of the local community
  • time to focus on playing with children

For children

  • develop a strong sense of identity
  • connect with and contribute to their world
  • develop a strong sense of wellbeing
  • become confident and involved learners
  • be effective communicators

Find a playgroup

Start a playgroup

If you would like to start a playgroup in Yarra contact us for support with:

  • Finding a venue
  • Promoting your group
  • Ideas for activities and excursions

Support for playgroups

Supported playgroups can join the Yarra Service Provider Playgroup Network here. You can contact the network directly via email playgroups@yarracity.vic.gov.au.

We meet quarterly to share information and training.

Read our latest newsletter.

Have a look at our Nature Play Week Bush Playgroup.

You may like to join the Merri Bush Playgroup.

Contact us to find out about upcoming playgroup activity workshops.

For more information about playgroups throughout Victoria visit Playgroup Victoria or call 1800 171 882.