Request park and sports ground maintenance

We clean and maintain our parks, reserves and sports grounds.

Yarra Bend Park

Yarra Bend Park, whilst within the City of Yarra's municipality, is managed and maintained by Parks Victoria.

Requests for maintenance of the park or its facilities, should be directed to Parks Victoria via 13 19 63 or the Parks Victoria website.

How do I request a park or sports ground maintenance service?

To request a maintenance service, please use the appropriate online form below:

Park barbecues

Park bins

Park bollard

Park drinking fountain   

Park fencing 

Park furniture (seats and picnic setting) 

Park garden beds

 Park grass and lawns

Park  irrigation system

Park lighting

Park litter/rubbish

Park signage

Park toilets  

Path/shared trail  

Bushland area in a park

Dog bag dispenser

Nature/median strip 


Sports grounds 

For more information call us on 9205 5555 or email [email protected]