Removing graffiti

We operate a graffiti management program, however the majority of our resources are used to remove graffiti from Council property and gateways to Yarra.

Our graffiti management program is guided by our Graffiti Management Framework, which provides strategic direction on addressing graffiti in Yarra.

Read more about our Graffiti Management Framework

How do I report graffiti? 

You can report graffiti online: 

Reporting graffiti to police

You are encouraged to contact the police when your property has been vandalised or graffitied. This ensures the police have accurate statistics about the level of vandalism and graffiti in the local area, enabling them to apply for funding and resources to adequately address this illegal activity.

You can call the police on: 

  • Richmond Police – 8420 3600
  • Fitzroy Police – 9934 6400
  • Collingwood Police – 8413 1700

Reporting graffiti on public transport and utilities

To report graffiti on public transport or utility assets (for example: signal boxes, electricity poles), call the relevant authority below. 

Graffiti on public transport can be reported to:

  • Trams: Yarra Trams Customer Service – 1800 800 007
  • Trains and train stations: Metro Trains – 1800 800 007

Graffiti on public facilities and utilities can be reported to:

  • Bus shelters: Adshel – 1800 501 402
  • Post boxes: Australia Post – 13 13 18
  • Electricity poles: Citipower – 1300 301 101
  • Pay phones: Telstra – 1800 011 433

Our role in graffiti management

Our role in graffiti management is substantial as set out in the Graffiti Management Framework, however our responsibility is for rapid removal from Yarra Council property. 

Tagging and graffiti is such an extensive community problem that property owners need to deal with tagging on private property as part of general property maintenance responsibilities.

Our ‘whole-of-community’ approach centres on building partnerships between Yarra Council and residents of Yarra: owner/occupiers of domestic dwellings, business owners, law enforcement agencies, statutory authorities, utility owners and graffiti artists.

Removal from private property where it has a significant impact on public amenity and/or is a shopping centre, a gateway or an area of high prominence or where residents are frail aged or living with a disability will take priority.

We will also support private property owners to remove graffiti from their own properties by offering two graffiti removal services per property per year (for properties outside of these high prominence areas like shopping centres). This will only apply to surfaces on the front of the property boundary line. Property owners will still be responsible for graffiti removal outside of the two services per year that we provide – to assist with this we can provide you with a free graffiti removal kit. These are available from our various customer service sites - see below.

If you have contacted us for assistance to remove graffiti from private property, then your request will be assessed in accordance with our priority as detailed within the Graffiti Management Framework.

Below is a list of contractors who provide graffiti removal services in the Melbourne area;

  • Ablate - 0422 685 688
  • The Graffiti Eaters – 1300 305 307
  • Graffremove – 9017 0149
  • Graffiti Pro – 1300 685 816
  • Kleenit – 1800 255 336
  • Graffiti Removal – 0409 864 612
  • Vacu Blast – 9846 5640
  • Bardwell – 0419 325 281
  • Graffiti Was Here – 1300 267 766
  • Jims Painting – 131 546
  • Aatach – 9457 4111 or 0418 343 542
  • Graffiti Attack – 0409 918 673
  • GJK Facility Services - 1800 635 983

Public art projects

We support public art projects as one way to reduce illegal tagging and graffiti in Yarra's streets.

These projects are effective in discouraging graffiti while at the same time supporting young local artists and contributing to the creative culture of Yarra.

For more information call us on 9205 5555 or email [email protected] .