How do I dispose of syringes?

You can call the Yarra Syringe Disposal Hotline on 9417 5125 (24 hours a day, seven days a week) or email if you:

  • find a syringe in a street or park
  • want someone to pick up a syringe from your property
  • see that a syringe disposal bin is full or damaged

We contract Innerspace – part of cohealth - to pick up syringes from streets, parks and public toilets, and look after the syringe disposal bins found in Yarra.

The Hotline is a message bank and email service looked after by Innerspace.

If you leave a message, Innerspace will collect the syringe within 24 hours.

Where can I find a syringe disposal bin?

We have over 90 syringe disposal bins across Yarra - you can see the locations on the map below.

If you ever notice that a syringe disposal bin is full or damaged, please call the Yarra Syringe Disposal Hotline on 9417 5125.

How do I safely pick up a used syringe?

You can find out more about safely removing discarded syringes in Department of Health's guidelines on the safe retrieval and disposal of needles and syringes (340kB)

Try not to panic if you get a needle-stick injury. The Victorian Department of Health says that your risk of getting a blood-borne virus is low.

Where can I get a syringe disposal container from?

Innerspace will give you a free syringe disposal container if you want to remove a used syringe:

4 Johnston Street, Collingwood
Ph: 9468 2800

Where can I take my full syringe disposal container?

4 Johnston Street, Collingwood
ph: 9468 2800

cohealth - Collingwood
365 Hoddle St, Collingwood
ph: 9411 4333

cohealth - Fitzroy
75 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
ph: 9411 3555

North Richmond Community Health
23 Lennox St, Richmond
ph: 9418 9800

Download the Syringe disposal hotline flyer.

Download the Community health, safety and wellbeing in Richmond - Information for local residents, traders and visitors factsheet.