Information for businesses

All businesses in Yarra, that use our waste and recycling service, now have a purple-lidded bin for glass recycling. This is to separate glass bottles and jars from other recyclables.

What can and can’t go in your yellow-lidded recycling bin and how often we collect your bins has also changed.

We know that business waste can be different to household waste, so we’ve developed new tools and information to help us get it right.


Bin posters

Below you’ll find some handy posters for different business types which show what to put in each bin using images that are relevant for your workplace! Feel free to download, print and put these up in your business near your bins or wherever you find useful.

Office posters

Hospitality posters

If you would like us to send you a printed copy of these posters, please complete an online request.

Revolution Kit 

Download the Revolution Kit, which is an information kit which explains how our recycling is changing and what you need to do.

Toolkit for businesses and commercial buildings

We’ve developed a toolkit for business which includes loads of information on how to use the new glass bin and how to make the most of the new Council rubbish and recycling service.

We’ve also included tips on assessing your waste, how to engage your staff and comprehensive information on how to responsibly dispose of items that don’t belong in your kerbside bins.

Download our business toolkit (4,841 KB / PDF) 

For more information call Yarra City Council on 03 9205 5555 or email


Can I use the Council rubbish and recycling service?

As a commercial property in Yarra, you are welcome to use our waste and recycling service, a private collection service, or both. If you choose to only use a private waste collection service, there will be no reduction to your rates.

For commercial properties and businesses, our service is suitable for waste from staff kitchens and bathrooms. Our service is not designed for waste that is produced from commercial operations. Specialised private collection services are available, that better suit these types and volumes of waste.

What size bins can I have?

As a business in Yarra you are entitled to our new standard service, which includes:

  • 80-litre rubbish bin (collected weekly)
  • 80-litre purple-lidded glass bin (collected fortnightly)
  • 120-litre yellow-lidded recycling bin (collected fortnightly)

The yellow-lidded recycling bin and purple-lidded glass bins can both be upgraded to a larger maximum size of 240-litres if needed, free of charge. You can also request an additional recycling and/or glass bin if the 240-litre bin does not meet your needs. We assess bin upsize requests on a case-by-case basis.

Remember, our service is suitable for waste from your staff kitchen and bathroom areas only, not for commercial waste. 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the bin sizes you need. To request a larger bin please complete our online request form.

What can I recycle?

Visit our A to Z Waste and Recycling Guide.

Or check out the How to recycle glass using your purple-lidded bin and How to recycle using your yellow-lidded bin pages on our website.

How much does it cost?

If your business would like to use our kerbside waste and recycling service, you can request a new bin by completing our online form. You will be charged a one-off fee of $193 to cover the cost of your bins. 

If you are already part of the Council service, getting a new glass bin is free and should have already been delivered to you. If you haven’t received your glass bin yet, please contact us.

When do my bins get collected? 

Your collection day has not changed, but how often we collect your bins has. To check which days your bins are collected you can download your collection calendar for your zone or sign up for our SMS service bin reminder service.