When will my bins be collected?

Your bins will still be collected on a same day they currently are, but the frequency of bin collections will change (excluding residents who live in the Abbotsford trial area).

  • Your rubbish bin will be collected every week.
  • Your yellow-lidded recycling bin will be collected every second week.
  • Your purple-lidded glass bin will be collected on the alternate second week.

And they will continue to alternate moving forward once the new service begins from Monday 23 November. Until then continue to put your bins out using the current bin collection schedule.

Bin collection calendar

A new bin collection calendar is being distributed to all households and businesses who use our waste and recycling service over the next few months. It will take effect from Monday 23 November when you can start to use your purple-lidded glass bin.

City of Yarra has been divided into ten bin collection zones which are shown in the map below.

bin collection map with 10 zones numbered and coloured with days of the week as shown in the table below

Download full bin collection zone map (1,158 / PDF)

To check which days your bins will be collected download a copy of the bin collection calendar for your zone below.


Collection day

Calendar/map download

1  Monday  Zone 1 bin collection calendar (97KB / PDF)
2  Monday  Zone 2 bin collection calendar (95KB / PDF)
3  Tuesday  Zone 3 bin collection calendar (98KB / PDF)
4  Tuesday  Zone 4 bin collection calendar (95KB / PDF)


trial area

 Tuesday  Abbotsford trial area bin collection calendar - June 2020-21 (152KB / PDF)
5 Wednesday  Zone 5 bin collection calendar (97KB / PDF)
6 Wednesday  Zone 6 bin collection calendar (96KB / PDF)
7 Thursday  Zone 7 bin collection calendar (96KB / PDF)
8 Thursday  Zone 8 bin collection calendar (98KB / PDF)
9 Friday  Zone 9 bin collection calendar (101KB / PDF)
10 Friday  Zone 10 bin collection calendar (96KB / PDF)

SMS bin reminders

Want to receive SMS reminders the night before your bin collection day? You can subscribe to weekly Recycling Revolution alerts to remind you when to put your bins out for collection (and other service updates from time-to-time).

To sign up you can send a text message to 0428598318 stating which zone you are. E.g. ZONE 1, ZONE 2 etc. Users can unsubscribe at any time.

If you’re unsure which zone you live in you can check the bin collection map, or download your bin collection calendar/map above. You can also contact us directly and we are happy to confirm for you.

We are committed to protecting you privacy and your details will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy