How to recycle glass

Glass creates problems for our recycling system. It often breaks and gets mixed in with plastics and paper, making these harder to recycle. So we want to separate glass from your other recyclables, and turn it into something new.

You will have received either a small mini bin or a crate for your glass (we are trialling two collection methods).

You can also bring any excess glass bottles or jars to our Clifton Hill recycling drop-off centre

Search tip: If you’re looking for information about how to recycle a specific item, press the Ctrl and F keys at the same time to bring up a search box. Then type in the item you’re looking for. If it is listed on the page it will be highlighted for you. If you’re searching on your phone, use the Find on Page function of your search engine. 

What you can put in your glass bin/crate:

  • Glass jars
    • Pasta sauce, jam, condiments etc
  • Glass bottles
    •  Wine, beer and spirit bottles, olive oil, sauce etc 

What you can’t put in your glass bin/crate: 

  • Broken glass
  • Drinking glasses
  • Window glass
  • Glass food storage containers (such as Pyrex) 
  • Perfume bottles 

But remember:

  • Bottle lid? Remove it! 
  • Bottles that contain cigarette butts will be sent to landfill.

Where will the recycled glass go?

Your glass will be taken to a local processor and turned into new glass products, and any low quality glass will be turned into local roads.

You can also download information from the Revolution Kit about how to recycle glass.