Heritage studies

Close up of heritage house

How do heritage studies impact Yarra?  

These heritage studies form the basis for introducing heritage protection through the heritage overlay in the Yarra Planning Scheme.

They are reference documents in the Yarra Planning Scheme and contain the statement of significance for each heritage place. The statement of significance identifies what is important.

Some of the studies were prepared by the former cities of Richmond, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Melbourne and Northcote.

When the council amalgamations occurred in the 1990s, the newly formed City of Yarra undertook Amendment L78 to provide a consistent approach to heritage across the municipality. It reviewed the heritage studies undertaken previously and updated the heritage overlay accordingly.

Heritage studies timeline

Since then, there have been a number of heritage gaps studies done to identify more areas of Yarra worthy of heritage protection.  Download the heritage studies timeline as a pdf.  You can find copies of all the studies at the bottom of this page below the diagram.




These studies have formed the basis of planning scheme amendments which have extended the heritage overlay.

These studies have not formed the basis of planning scheme amendments but relate to heritage sites in Yarra