Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee provides advice to Council on heritage matters including Yarra's natural, built and cultural heritage.

What does the Committee do?

The Heritage Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to Council on:

  • the monitoring and implementation of the Yarra Heritage Strategy
  • the ongoing review of Yarra's heritage policies, plans and strategies;
  • any further work required to document and protect Yarra's natural, built and cultural heritage;
  • issues affecting heritage across the municipality;
  • policy and strategic objectives concerning City of Yarra's responsibilities for the World Heritage Environs Area within Yarra's boundary;
  • the effective promotion of Yarra's heritage including raising public awareness of heritage matters and services; and
  • nominations of state, national and world heritage significance.

Who are the members of this committee?

The following Councillors were appointed to the Committee in November 2020 for a one year term:

In addition to the appointed Councillors, the membership includes 11 community or local heritage and community group representatives from across the City of Yarra and one representative of the National Trust.

Terms of reference

You can view and download the Heritage Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Previous minutes and agendas


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