Heritage sites in Yarra and Victoria

Royal Exhibition Building

World heritage site

The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

On 1 July 2004 The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens was included on the United Nations' Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage List (Decision 28 COM 14B.24 – Suzhou).

Where is this site located? 

The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens are located in the City of Melbourne but the City of Yarra sits at its eastern boundary.

How is the site protected? 

In order to meet the requirements for accreditation under the Commonwealth Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 a plan must be prepared that will ensure the world heritage values are protected and conserved.

The Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens World Heritage Management Plan has been prepared and it sets out the world heritage values of the building and gardens and strategies for appropriate use and development of the world heritage environs area.

How does the Yarra Planning scheme help to protect the world heritage site? 

The Yarra Planning Scheme includes policies which give effect to the recommendations in the strategy plan and protect significant views of the domed tower of the exhibition buildings and ensure new development in the area has regard to the prominence and visibility of the buildings and the gardens.

Heritage Victoria convenes the World Heritage Management Plan Steering Committee which includes key stakeholders and provides oversight to the implementation of the management plan. Yarra City Council is represented on the Steering Committee.

Restoring heritage places and objects

The Victorian Heritage Restoration Fund offers grants to restore eligible heritage places and objects. Grants in Yarra are paid by the Yarra Heritage Restoration Fund into which Yarra Council contributes money to every year.

You can find out more about the fund, to see if you are eligible for a grant or to look at restoration projects funded by the Victorian Heritage Restoration Fund.

What about sustainable heritage buildings?

Heritage Victoria has also produced guidelines which provide information on:

  • optimising existing traditional building performance
  • reducing energy consumption in existing buildings
  • maximising energy and water efficiencies in new work to existing buildings
  • monitoring energy and water consumption
  • energy efficiency regulations

Heritage Buildings Sustainability Guidelines
Heritage Buildings Energy Efficiency Regulations