Street signs - Heritage

In recent years, we have introduced some heritage street signs across Yarra.

Our heritage street signs are created with input and advice from Yarra’s historical societies. We currently have 83 signs placed at historical streets across the City of Yarra which provide a short history of the street name.

So, whether you’re shopping or dining in one of Yarra’s retail strips, or travelling through our residential areas, look out for these signs and find out more about the history of our local community.

You can find standard drawings of our heritage street signs here.


Street Name and Sign Location



Text on Street Plate


Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy

(outside 37 Alexandra Parade, NW corner of Queens Parade)

Queen Alexandra, consort of King Edward VII, 1901-1910

Alfred Crescent, Fitzroy North

Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, son of Queen Victoria

Amess Street North, Carlton

(SE corner of Park Street, NW corner of Fenwick & Amess Streets)

Samuel M Amess, Scottish stonemason, building contractor, Councillor MCC, Mayor (1869-70)

Appleton Street, Richmond

(SE corner of Appleton & David Streets)

Mary Burnley Appleton sister of William Bust Burnley (1813-60)

Arnold Street, Princes Hill

(SW corner of Pigdon Street, NW corner of Arnold & MacPherson Streets)

James Francis Arnold seaman, prospector, corn salesman, real estate agent, MCC Councillor 1873-78

Barkly Ave, Richmond

(First SEC pole northern side of Barkly Street near corner of Mary Street, corner Barkly Avenue & CityLink)

Sir Henry Barkly, Governor of Victoria (1856-63)

Bennett Street, Richmond

(SE corner of Victoria & Bennett Streets)

George Henry Bennett , Mayor of Richmond 1886-7

Bent Street, Cremorne

(SE corner of Bent & Cremorne Streets)

Sir Thomas Bent (1838-1909), Premier & Treasurer (1904-09)

Berry Street, Richmond

(NW corner of Berry & Church Streets)

Sir Graham Berry, Premier of Victoria 1877-80

Best St, Fitzroy North

Alban Thomas Best, chemist, Fitzroy councillor 1865-1870

(not Robert Wallace Best, MLA, who was Mayor 20 years later in 1888)

Blazey Street, Richmond

(opposite 43 River St)

Charles Collard Blazey, Town Clerk RCC 1897 -1937

Bosisto Street, Richmond

(SE corner of Highett Street)

Joseph Bosisto, Mayor of Richmond 1865-66, Founder of Bosistos Eucalyptus Oil

Brennand Street, Fitzroy North

John Brennand, builder, Fitzroy councillor 1859-1862, Mayor 1861

Brunswick St, Fitzroy

(NE corner of Freeman Street, SW corner of Johnston Street & 7 Eleven, Brunswick Street)

Captain George Brunswick Smythe, Officer-in-charge of the Port Phillip Police in 1839

Burnley Street, Richmond

(SW corner of Buckingham side of Buckingham Street)

William Bust Burnley, Land owner, MLC (1853-56), Richmond Councillor (1856)

Canning Street, North Carlton

(NW corner of Canning Street, SE corner Curtain Street)

Charles John Canning (1812-62), British Viscount, Statesman

Coppin Street, Richmond

(NE corner of Wall Street)

George Seth Coppin, Cremorne Gardens Theatre, Chairman RCC 1869, MLA

Cremorne Street, Cremorne

(SE corner of Swan Street, SW corner of Swan & Cremorne Streets)

Cremorne Pleasure Gardens, 1852-62

Curtain Street, North Carlton

(SE corner of Drummond & Curtain Streets, SW corner of Rathdowne Street)

John Curtain, Irish born hotelier and distillery owner, MCC Councillor (1870-1887), MLA for North Melbourne (1871-1877).

David Street, Richmond

(44 Appleton Street)

David Mitchell, Stonemason Mitchell Cement/Lime, Father of Dame Nellie Melba

Davis Street, North Carlton

(251 Davis Street)

Peter Davis (1815-1879), estate agent, MCC Councillor, Mayor (1856-1857)

Delbridge Street, Fitzroy North

Edward Delbridge, Fitzroy councillor 1864-1875, Mayor 1866

Docker Street, Richmond

(SW corner of Gipps &Docker Streets)

Rev Joseph Docker (1793-1865), Early Land Owner

Doonside Street, Richmond

(NW corner of Burnley & Doonside Streets)

Birth Place of Dame Nellie Melba (1861)

Drummond Street, North Carlton

(SW corner of Pigdon Street, corner of Newry & Drummond Streets)

Thomas Drummond, prominent Scottish engineer and statesman, Under-secretary for Ireland(1835-40)

Edwards Place, Fitzroy North

John Edwards, solicitor and MLA, Fitzroy councillor 1859-61, Mayor 1860

Erin Street, Richmond

(NE corner of Erin & Hoddle Streets)

Land of the Eire (Ireland)

Eureka Street, Richmond

(SE corner of Eureka & Church Streets)

Eureka Hotel

Falconer Street, Fitzroy North

John Falconer, builder & furniture manufacturer, Fitzroy councillor 1860-1873, Mayor 1863

Fenwick Street, North Carlton

(NE corner of Lygon & Fenwick Streets,
SW corner of Fenwick & Canning Streets)

Orlando Fenwick, British, soft goods and grocery business, MCC Councillor, Mayor (1871-72)

Fergie Street, Fitzroy North

Henry Fergie, notary, Fitzroy councillor 1860-1862

Flockhart Street, Abbotsford

(corner Flockhart & Victoria Streets)

Robert Flockhart, tannery owner and Collingwood Councillor (1857-59)

Gardner Street, Richmond

(NW corner of Gardner Street & Bridge Road)

Thomas Gardner , RCC Town Clerk 1866-91

Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

(NE Brunswick Street, NE corner of Napier Street, NW corner of Gertrude & Gore Streets)

Daughter of Captain Brunswick Smythe, co-owner with Benjamin Baxter of the land subdivided in 1839

Gipps Street, Collingwood and Abbotsford

(NW corner of Nicholson Street, NE corner of Gipps & Islington Streets)

Sir George Gipps (1791-1847), Governor of NSW (1837-46)

Glasshouse Street, Richmond

(85 Stawell Street)

Australian Glass Company, c1878

Gleadell Street, Richmond

(SE corner Highett and Gleadell Streets)

Cr William Gleadell, Mayor of Richmond 1870-71

Grant Street, Fitzroy North

Alexander Grant, solicitor, Fitzroy councillor 1866-1872, Mayor 1870

Griffiths Street, Richmond

(NE corner of Highett Street, 285 Highett Street)

Cr Joseph Griffiths, Mayor of Richmond 1866-67

Harcourt Parade, Richmond

(corner of Harcourt Parade & CitiLink)

James Thomas Harcourt, MLA for Richmond 1868-74 , Harcourt Asylum, Cremorne

Henty Street, Richmond

(SE corner of Henty & Cameron Streets)

James Henty (1800-82), Early Land Owner and Businessman

Highett Street, Richmond

(SE corner of Muir Street, 308 Highett Street)

Hon William Highett, MLC (1856-80)

Hoddle Street, Collingwood

(East Side of Hoddle Street near Collingwood Town Hall SE corner, NE corner of Bloomberg & Hoddle Streets)

Robert Hoddle (1794-1881), Victoria’s first Surveyor-General

Hodgkinson Street, Clifton Hill

(SE corner of Hodgkinson & Smith Streets, 92 Hodgkinson Street, NW corner of Hodgkinson Street)

Clement Hodgkinson (1818-1893), surveyor and consulting engineer to Collingwood Council

Hosie Street, Richmond

(31 Hosie Street)

Cr James S Hosie, Mayor of Richmond 1869-70

Johnston Street, Fitzroy and Collingwood

(SW corner of Smith Street, corner Johnston & Harmsworth Streets)

James Johnston (1811-96) politician, newspaper manager, winegrower

Langridge Street, Collingwood

(outside 284 – 288 Langridge Street, corner of Cambridge & Langridge Streets)

George David Langridge (1829-1891), carpenter, estate agent, Councillor, MLA

Marshall Place, Clifton Hill

(79 Spensley Street)

Walter, Laurie and Ttage Marshall, 3 generations of Collingwood Councillors

Mayfield Street, Abbotsford

NW corner Mayfield & Murray Streets)

Andrew and Georgiana McCrae's

house, built 1840s

McCutcheon Way, Collingwood

(SE corner of MCutcheon Way & Campbell Street)

Andrew McCutcheon, architect, minister, Councillor 1965-1982, MLA 1982-1992

McKean Street, Fitzroy North

John McKean, real estate agent, Fitzroy councillor 1864-1868

McIlwraith Street, Princes Hill

(SW corner of Pigdon Street)

John McIlwraith, Scottish, plumber, prospector, ship owner, MCC Councillor, (1870-882), Mayor (1873-74)

McIlwraith Street, North Carlton

(No 1, NW corner of McIlwraith & McPherson Streets)

John McIlwraith, Scottish, plumber, prospector, ship owner, MCC Councillor, (1870 1882), Mayor (1873-1874)

McPherson Street, North Carlton

(NW corner of Arnold Street South of Macpherson Street, corner SE McPherson & Amess Streets, 60 Amess Street)

Thomas McPherson (1823-1888), iron and steel merchant, MCC Councillor, Mayor (1870-71)

Michael Street, Fitzroy North

John Michael, Fitzroy councillor 1862-1870, Mayor 1867

Miller Street, Richmond

(corner Miller Street & Rowena Parade)

Henry Miller , First Chairman of Richmond, 1856-58

Nicholson Street, Abbotsford

(NW Corner of Vere Street)

Sir Charles Nicholson (1808-1903), physician, local landowner, grazier

Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, North Fitzroy and Carlton

(SE corner of Moor Street, SE corner of York Street, SE corner of Lee Street, NE corner of Nicholson & Reid Streets)

William Nicholson (1816-65), merchant and politician, MCC Mayor (1856-57), Premier of Victoria (1859-60)

Noone Street, Clifton Hill

Northern side corner of Gray Street

(on pole alongside of 13 Gray St, corner of Noone & Gray Streets)

John Noone 1820-1893, Lands Department Lithographer, Councillor

Paterson Street, Princes Hill

(NE corner of Paterson & Arnold Streets)

James Paterson (1826-1906) Scottish, gold miner, cartage business, ship owner, member of Harbour Trust, MCC Councillor, Mayor (1876-77)

Pigdon Street, North Carlton

(SE corner of Pigdon & Station Streets)

John Pigdon, British, Commissioner for Sydney International Exhibition, Melbourne Exhibition, MCC Councillor, Mayor (1877)

Rae Street, Fitzroy North

Thomas Rae, soap & candle manufacturer, MLC, Fitzroy councillor 1858

Ramsden Street, Clifton Hill

(NW Corner of John Street, NW corner of Ramsden Street No 4)

Samuel Ramsden (1822-77), Clifton Hill quarry owner, resident, Councillor

Rathdowne Street, North Carlton

(SW corner of Lee & Rathdowne Streets)

Name of an Irish barony associated with Dublin.

Rowe St, Fitzroy North

Thomas Rowe, real estate agent, Fitzroy councillor for ten years from 1864, Mayor 1869

Rushall Crescent, Fitzroy North

George Rushall, real estate agent, Fitzroy councillor for sixteen years from 1864, Mayor 1868

Scotchmer Street, Fitzroy North

William Scotchmer, real estate agent, Fitzroy councillor 1867-1870

Smith Street, Collingwood

(SE corner of Peel Street, SE corner of Victoria Parade

John Thomas Smith (1816-79), publican, politician, Melbourne Mayor seven times (1855-64)

Smith Street, Collingwood

(NE corner of Easey & Smith Streets)

John Thomas Smith (1816-79), publican, politician, Melbourne mayor seven times (1855-64)

St Helier’s Street, Abbotsford

(SE side, end of road outside farm)

Site of Edward Curr’s house, built 1840s

Station Street, North Carlton

(SE corner of Pigdon & Station Streets)

Proximity to North Fitzroy Rail station closed in 1948

Stawell Street, Richmond

(SE corner of Bridge Road, corner of Swan & Stawell Streets)

Sir William Foster Stawell, Attorney General 1851

Trenerry Crescent, Abbotsford

(SW corner of Little Turner Street)

Edwin Trenerry, subdivider of Dight’s Paddock (c1878)

Tudor Street, Richmond

(No 63,SE corner of Bridge Road, )

Frank Tudor MLA (1901-22), Leader of Labour Party (1916-21)

Turner Street, Abbotsford

(SE corner of Lulie Street, SW corner of Trenerry Street)

James Hobson Turner, Councillor (c1872), tanner and hat maker (Denton’s Hat Factory)

Watkins Street, Fitzroy North

William Watkins, publican & MLA, Fitzroy councillor 1865-1868

Wellington Street, Collingwood and Clifton Hill

(NW Corner, west side of Wellington Street, s/w corner Trenerry Street)

Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), general, British Prime Minister