Animal registration

Every dog or cat over the age of 3 months must be registered with us. This is a requirement under the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

If you are registering your pet after 01 October and before 1 February, a 50% reduction (pro-rata) applies to the registration fee. 

Renewing your pet's registration

In March each year, you will be sent a renewal notice for your pet’s registration. Your pet's registration must be renewed before 10 April each year. You may be issued an infringement notice if your pet's registration has not been renewed on time.

You can pay your pet’s registration renewal:

  • online
  • Calling 1300 792 772 (select option 5)

Registering your pet for the first time

Step 1: Download and complete an application form

Step 2: Attach proof of the following:

  • your pet's microchip number and desexing certificate (this is available from your vet or breeder)
  • concession (if applicable)

Step 3: Submit your application:

  • Send the above to
  • Mail to Yarra City Council, PO Box 168 Richmond VIC 3121 with your cheque or money order


All cats must be microchipped and desexed

  • Standard registration fee is $40.00
  • Concession registration fee is $15.00
  • Under six months is free


All dogs must be microchipped

It is not compulsory to have your dog desexed, however you will charged a higher fee to register a non-desexed dog

  • Standard registration fee (dog is not desexed) $210.00
  • Standard registration fee (dog is desexed) $70.00
  • Concession registration fee (dog is not desexed) $105.00
  • Concession registration fee (dog is desexed) $21.00
  • Under six months is free
  • Registration fee for menacing, dangerous and restricted breed dog is $400.00 (Pro-rata is not applicable)

Please note that after 01/10/2021 no refunds can be provided for deceased pets or pets that have moved outside of the municipality as per Council’s adopted budget. 

Concession discount

To be eligible for a discount you must hold a current Pension Concession Card (Centrelink or Veterans Affairs) or Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Card specifying TPI or War Widow.

Discounts do not apply for Health Care Card holders.

Where do your registration fees go to?

Read all about where your pet registration fees go to here. Some of the main allocations are listed below.

  • Dog parks 
  • Pounds & shelter facilities
  • Animal management staff
  • Training establishments

Lifetime registration tags

We give your pet a lifetime registration tag when they are first registered. While registration must be renewed each year, the tags do not need to be replaced unless lost or stolen.

Registration tags for new pets are issued on the spot if you make the payment in person at Yarra City Council contact centre. If the payment has been sent by mail or online (for renewals only), we will send you the registration tag in the post.

Your pet must wear its registration tag at all times when it is outside your property.

Request a replacement tag

To replace your cat or dog's registration tag, you need to pay a $6.00 fee (in person, by post or by credit card over the phone).

You also need to provide the following information:

  • your name, property address and contact phone number
  • your animals name or animal identification number (if known).

If you request a new tag in person at Yarra City Council customer service centre we will provide the new tag immediately.

If you post the request with a cheque for $6.00 or make payment by credit card over the phone we will send a new tag in the mail to your address.

If you have a question about animal registration, you can ask us

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email