Pet Safety

How to keep your pet safe, healthy and happy.

A night-time cat curfew will be introduced from 1 Jan 2024.

We know that pets are a much-loved part of many families in Yarra. At Yarra City Council, we work hard to keep your pets safe. Council’s holistic approach to managing pet safety in our community ensures residents, their pets, and Yarra’s native wildlife can co-exist harmoniously.

At the 10 October 2023 Council Meeting, changes were made to the Council Order to improve rules around responsible ownership of pet cats and dogs. These changes have been incorporated into the information below. Read the full Council Order.

Let’s work together to keep our pets and community safe.


Keeping your cat safe at night

From Monday 1 January 2024, a night-time cat curfew will be introduced in Yarra to benefit both cats and the community. All cat owners within Yarra will be required to keep their pet cats within their property between 7pm and 7am.

This follows extensive community consultation with 75% in favour of a night-time cat curfew.

Introducing a cat curfew presents many benefits to cats and the community including keeping your pet safe from accidents and injury, protecting native wildlife from predation, and avoiding nuisance to neighbours.  

Legal requirements for cat owners

We may issue an infringement notice if your cat causes a problem related to:

  • wandering on to another person’s property without their permission 
  • roaming outside of your property between 7pm and 7am after the 1 January 2024
  • roaming outside your premises at any time without current Council registration details


Dogs in public spaces

Yarra’s public spaces are often bustling. It’s vital that dog owners follow the rules to keep your pets safe and our public spaces enjoyable for all. 

Visit our parks and gardens directory to check where you can walk your dog off-leash in the City of Yarra. Be sure to put the appropriate filter on when using the search engine.

Or view the full list of dog-friendly reserves here.

Legal requirements for dog owners

We may issue an infringement notice if your dog:

  • is found off-leash in a leash-required area
  • destroys Council property by digging or otherwise
  • is found off-leash when Council or contract workers are undertaking maintenance works
  • is found outside your premises or at large (your dog may also be impounded)

Other pet safety measures

Why microchipping your pets is so important

It's important to ensure that you keep your microchipping details up to date as well. For more information on how to do this, see tips from the RSPCA.

Pets during fireworks and thunderstorms

Melbourne is known for experiencing thunderstorms throughout the year. There are also certain days during the year that fireworks are used for celebrations. These events have a huge impact on our pets’ wellbeing. Read the information about pets during fireworks and thunderstorms on the Animal Welfare Victoria website to help keep your pets safe during these events.

Reporting concerns about animal welfare

We encourage you to report any concerns about animals on a property without adequate water, shelter, food or veterinary treatment to the RSPCA or call 03 9224 2222.