Online Animal Registration

The animal registration period is from 10 April each year to 9 April the following year.

We will send you a renewal notice in early March each year once registered. You have the option to receive your future renewal notices electronically - select this when you're completing your online application.

Register your pet online in 3 easy steps


 Step 1 Questionnaire Complete a quick questionnaire which will provide a link to the correct application for your pet.
 Step 2 Application Enter your pets details, emergency/secondary contacts, supporting documentation and your details.
 Step 3 Payment Make payment. Click here to see current animal registration fees.

Register your pet online

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What happens next? 

  • We will send you a confirmation email after your application is submitted and payment has been made.
  • We need to verify all the information supplied in your online application before your registration is processed and your lifetime tag issued.
  • If we need further information we will contact you directly.

What about if I have more than one pet?

If you have more than one pet then you will need to complete an individual application for each pet.