E-scooter trial

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In March 2023, the Victorian Government decided to extend the e-scooter trial for six months and to legalise private e-scooters.

A large number of trips have been made during the trial period, which highlighted opportunities for improvement such as making sure riders follow the road rules and know where to park e-scooters to maintain the accessibility of our footpaths.

Yarra City Council will continue to work with the Victorian Government, participating councils and stakeholder groups on the trial.

About the e-scooter trial

Yarra City Council is part of the Victorian Government electronic scooter (e-scooter) trial in partnership with City of Melbourne and City of Port Phillip. The City of Ballarat is also participating in the trial.

500 boldly-branded e-scooters have been distributed across the City of Yarra for use on bicycle lanes, bicycle paths, shared paths and roads.

E-scooters are an accessible, eco-friendly and cost-effective way to travel. E-scooters can be ridden within the boundary of the metro local government areas and will be contained by geofencing.

Basic e-scooter rules

  • E-scooters cannot travel above 20 kilometres per hour.
  • Riders must wear a helmet.
  • Riders must be at least 16 years of age.
  • E-scooters are not permitted on footpaths.
  • Riders need to consider others when parking their e-scooter.
  • Riders must adhere to the same blood alcohol content (BAC) and drug use restrictions as drivers.
  • Riders cannot consume alcohol while travelling on an e-scooter.
  • To keep everyone safe, e-scooter riders must also not carry passengers, ride two abreast, use a mobile phone or lead an animal on their e-scooter.
  • Victoria Police will be enforcing the safe use of e-scooters.
  • Devices capable of exceeding 25 kilometres per hour are not classified as e-scooters and are still illegal.

For more information about e-scooter use and the trial extension visit VicRoads' e-scooter page.

Lime and Neuron are your local e-scooter providers

We’ve signed agreements with Lime and Neuron to trial electronic scooter hire.


Select the links below for locations, bookings and instructions:  

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Lime and Neuron are responsible for all aspects of their operations. Any issues can be reported directly, 24 hours a day.  

Lime Support

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You can also report an issue by scanning the QR code on the Lime e-bikes.

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